Cooker hoods: quiet, efficient and stylish

Cooker hoods: quiet, efficient and stylish: quiet

Cooker hoods: quiet, efficient and stylish: quiet

In some situations of life the clear view, the concentration on the essentials proves itself. All background noises or odors are distracting. For example, when cooking: the water bubbles and spreads Steamsizzling meat and Greases stove and tiles, To top it off, a loud extractor croaks her deafening Song without, however, mastering the situation. Rest and relaxation while cooking? Unfortunately, no. Remedy would be so easy.

Work quietly

Because there is, the hoods, thequiet and effective are. New devices that vacuum perfectly with a covered grease filter. They integrate elegantly and modern in the appearance of the kitchen. A Novy cooker hood provides a clear view while cooking. Noise, which is associated with conventional hoods are in this unit due to several measures except oneminimum reduced. A special engine thatstored muted is, prevents the transfer of unnecessaryvibrations on the hood body. In addition, also bear the solid base plate as well as the maintenance-freesoundproofing Inside the manhole, the Novy cooker hoods simply work quietly.

Innovative intake technology

A specially developed suction technology, which is based on a hidden grease filter, also captures the air that normally passes by the device. But the quiet HoodNot only does it work across the entire breadth of the hob, it also works with a much larger force, up to seven times faster than conventional appliances. Even the lowest setting proves to be efficient, which has a positive effect on the power consumption effect. Thus, less heated air is extracted in winter. The material comes stainless, non-magneticstainless steel in question, which is particularly easy to care for. Novy is available as a wall, ceiling or island hood and is distributed in Germany via the company

Extractor: Deductor or circulating air?

Despite the low volume, the devices still have an enormous suction power, which at850 - 1000m³ / h lies. With rotatable and modifiable extraction systems, the extractor hoods can be used either as exhaust air or recirculation units.recirculation units rely on a filter technology and give the sucked air back to the environment. The air is thereby cleaned of protective particles and an activated carbon filter eliminates annoying odors. This technique is cost effective because no exhaust tube is needed, but it is also less efficient than with extraction equipmentbecause the moisture in the room is not removed. In the case of exhaust air devices, the air is led out of the house via pipes (usually 125 mm diameter or 150 mm). This variant is more expensive because the installation is more complex, but get dirt and moisture directly outside.

Install extractor hood on exhaust air wall box

For extractor hoods, which work with exhaust air, it is possible to install them on a wall box. The wall box is inserted into a wall and thus establishes a connection between Indoor and outdoor space The extractor hood exhaust air can now escape through the opening. In general, the diameter of such a wall box is 100, 125 or 150mm. The larger the opening, the lower the background noise, In addition, you should be outside on the wall Backflow flaps and fly screens to install. This prevents airflow in the opposite direction and prevents insects from entering the kitchen through the opening.

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