Cleaning copper coins - 5 simple methods

The copper coins that are currently in circulation may also be dark and unsightly, but these specimens are rarely collected. On the other hand, the coin collectors would like to see old copper coins in their old glory. Here are five ways you can more easily clean the copper coins.

Many ways to shiny copper

In order to restore the precious copper coin from your collection to its full glory and increase the value of the coin, there are many different home remedies. Here are five of them.

  • Ketchup
  • Vinegar and salt
  • Sulfamide / descaler
  • Flour and vinegar
  • lemon

1. ketchup

No, that's not a joke. With ketchup, copper is easy to clean. Lubricate the coins with some ketchup and let the sauce work for about ten minutes. For particularly intricate coins, you should apply the ketchup with a brush.

After the exposure time you can scrub the coin with a kitchen crepe. So that the acid from the tomatoes stops acting on the copper, you should rinse the coin briefly with water and dry with a soft cloth or the usual kitchen crepe.

2. vinegar and salt

Put vinegar and some salt in a glass bowl. Then dip your coins in it. If you want to stir the coins a little and move in the bath, you should use a wood tongs. Do not use metal products as the mixture can attack them.

Do not leave the coins in the bath too long. After two to three minutes, check whether the coin can be rubbed off with a kitchen crepe. Scrub all coins thoroughly with a paper towel or a microfibre cloth. You may also want to rinse the coins with clear water and dry them.

3. Sulfamide - sulfamic acid - decalcifier

Sulfamide is often included in decalcifiers. With a liquid decalcifier you get the copper coins extremely fast clean. The chemical reaction should be discontinued immediately after the effect. To do this you must rinse the coins thoroughly.

4. flour and vinegar

Flour and vinegar give a good pulp, which you can apply to the coins or large-area copperware. Reinforce the mixture with a little salt. After ten minutes of exposure, you can then rub the mass with an old cloth. If the dirt is not easy to remove, just grease some of the flourpipe. Rinse well and dry.

5. lemon

If you have only a few coins to clean, then the squeezed halves of lemons are very well suited. Insert the coin into the empty lemon half and rub the lemon around the coin. Also rinse well!

Tips & Tricks

In the same way, you can also clean other items made of copper. Try out which method looks good on your copper items. Then the small coffee maker made of copper or an old flower pot made of chased copper can be cleaned quickly and easily.

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