Seal a copper pipe

Since the 1970s, copper pipes have been laid in many buildings as water pipes. Due to various causes such a line can be leaking again and again. How to seal a leaking copper pipe and what to pay attention to, we have summarized below for you.

Causes of a leaking copper pipe

Over the decades, a variety of metals have been used for water piping. In addition to steel even lead lines. Copper has been used extensively since the 1970s. These can be found as heating and drinking water pipes. A leak can have different causes:

  • Pitting (inferior wires, bung while soldering)
  • leaking solder joints
  • leaky connectors (fittings)

Seal copper pipes by post soldering

With leaky solder joints you can simply re-solder the copper pipe. However, copper pipes are brazed. In addition, the entire piping system must be thoroughly rinsed after soldering. There must be no residue left on the solder, flux, dirt particles, etc. in the pipe system.

Sealing with pitting

With that we come to leaky copper pipes, whose leakage was caused by pitting. The verdigris and other corrosion residues due to pitting on the copper pipe are distributed throughout the pipe system. In the medium to long term all copper pipes can be attacked - if that is not already the case.

Basically, you can also easily eliminate a leak by pitting. However, it is preferable to remove and replace the entire pipe section here immediately. When cutting the copper pipe, be sure to use a suitable cutting tool. Under no circumstances should you cut a copper pipe with the angle grinder and a cutting wheel, for example.

Press copper tube instead of soldering

In addition to soldering from the copper tube, it could also be better if you use fittings and then squeeze the copper tube. If a newer copper pipe is leaking, most of the time, in any case, only the pressing will remain.

Differences in copper pipes

It has of course recognized the problem of copper pipes and oxidation. Therefore, modern copper pipes are coated inside today. Thus, it may be that the tube can not be soldered without destroying the inner coating. With newer systems, the question then no longer arises whether the copper pipe should be soldered or pressed.

Seal leaking drinking water pipe

If you want to solder a drinking water pipe, the soldering of the copper pipe may be sufficient for sealing. Remember, however, that you must not explicitly use any kind of solder on drinking water pipes. Conventional solder for soldering consists of lead and tin. For applications in the food industry, including copper pipes for drinking water, there are pure-tin solders that you can use.

Tips & Tricks

Especially with pitting, it is often not sufficient to seal the leak. Rather, it is obvious that the pitting is already present in other line areas at least in approach. Especially with older, not yet internally coated copper pipes, it could therefore be useful to rehabilitate the entire piping system and replace it with internally coated copper pipes.

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