The batter board - the height

Without a battering board, the building to be built can not be executed exactly according to the blueprint. In addition to the escapes from the floor plan, height information is also required. For this purpose, a height must be set for the batter board.

The steps in the creation of a Schnoorüst

One of the first works on a construction site is the creation of a Schnoorüst. This is the only way the building can actually be "placed" in accordance with the plan and, of course, approved. The construction and creation of a battering board takes place in several steps:

  • First, the Schnoorüst is staked
  • then the battering board is measured
  • This is also done by defining a zero level

Staking the batter board

The stake out the Schnoor stand we discuss in the linked guide in detail. It is also important to use the appropriate material for the Schnoor stand.

The calibration of the batter board

The calibration of the battering board then takes place via selected and clearly defined starting points such as the landmarks. Their values ​​as well as the measurements for the building floor plan are transferred to the electronic map of the total station and then measured accordingly.

The height of the building transferred to the Schnoorüst

Now when building but not only the exact position of a building, but also its height is important. For this, a rotating laser, a leveling device or, quite traditionally, a tube scale must be used. As a guide often manhole covers are chosen, which have an exact height in relation to NN (normal zero) above sea level. Finally, then the exact height specifications are set on all triangular blocks.

Suitable height reference points for the Schnoor

In addition, however, a reference point for the house to be built is required. This point can be set freely. As a rule, however, it is the top edge of the finished floor. This approach is not only important when on a hillside, but it is also important that the height according to the "Schnerbau" actually complies with the information in the blueprint.

Tips & Tricks

Depending on who is the Schnoorüst created, the building authority must be included accordingly. If the execution of the batterbook according to the construction contract is not defined in more detail, the execution is usually with the executing architect or the construction management. In this case, an official inspection of the scoreboard must take place.

Tips & Tricks

If, according to the VOB, it is agreed in the construction contract that the "Schnoorüst" is to be carried out by an expert, the latter must submit a certificate of certification to the building authority. Depending on the state, the height of the building may in particular be used again. In some federal states and municipalities, it is additionally mandatory, the dimensions (height) of the finished basement ceiling are also checked.

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