Twisted cord: How to fix a Plisee

The cords of a plisse have to endure a lot, they are moved every day and sometimes rub themselves up. If the rope breaks at the folding gate, you do not have to throw your sunscreen into the trash, but you can also repair it professionally. This saves you money for a new pleat - and you do not even have to go to much trouble. We deliver a manual.

Repair Pleats: You need these materials

To repair a plisse, you first need a replacement tape that you can thread into the roller blind instead of the old one. There is a choice of special roller blinds as well as sturdy strings from the glider requirement.

Pay particular attention here to tear resistance and high quality. Perhaps the manufacturer of your roller blind offers a suitable repair kit that you can order. However, you can also repair your plisse using the tools and tools in our guide.

A repair manual for the pleated

  • Ersatzschnur
  • adhesive
  • floral wire
  • Chimney
  • screwdriver

1. Remove and open the folding door

Remove the plisse from the window for repair and remove the top rail with the help of screwdriving. Also remove any other accessories that could interfere with the repair.

2. Document string history

Before you pull the old string out of the pleat, take a close look at how it goes. Take the best photos! Only then remove the torn tieback.

3. Cut new drawstring

Measure the old string exactly and cut the new one in the appropriate length. Then slide your folding gate together.

4. Repair the pleats: re-thread the cord

If necessary, use a binding wire to thread or singe the end of the cord with fire to thicken it. Slide the new drawstring through holes and springs exactly like the previous one.

5. Mount the upper rail

Mount the top rail so that the new cord is not pinched. Now you can use your plisse again!

Tips & Tricks

Some pleats have several rails, these of course remove them for repair. But beware: The strings could get tangled

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