Cordless grass trimmer comparison 2018

Purchase advice for the cordless grass trimmer comparison or test 2018

  • Cordless grass trimmers are power-supplied alternatives to bulkier gasoline and especially in otherwise hard to reach places.
  • A cordless trimmer basically consists of a handle with a cutting head and, for handling reasons, often two handles.
  • When trimming, there are two cutting systems available: a thread head for cutting grasses and greens as well as knives for light wood. You should always be careful to avoid touching hard objects such as walls and stone edges.

Cordless grass trimmer comparison 2018: comparison

To keep your own garden nice and tidy, you need more (or better: less) than an often clumsy lawnmower, because especially lawn edges should not get away with it - and still do it often. Remedy there creates a cordless or electric lawn trimmer. Not only are these practical devices - which are also known as grass trimmers, cordless brushcutters or battery edge trimmers - virtually everywhere in the garden. thanks to the built-in batteries One is also independent of often far away sockets.

With this useful gardening tool you can not only protruding blades of grass but also Slopes, Beetränder or intergrown areas on fences and hedges edit exactly. In our Cordless Grass Trimmer Shopping Guide 2018, we not only provide you with complex buying advice, but also tips for correct and safe trimming, so that you are perfectly prepared for your new implement - and you can also choose the best model for your personal battery. Grass trimmer winner!

1. What is a cordless grass trimmer and how does it work?

Cordless grass trimmer comparison 2018: trimmer

With a cordless grass trimmer, here a model of Einhell, you can also eliminate excess grass on the lawn edges successfully.

A cordless lawn trimmer can be classified in the category of so-called "light brushcutters", which are usually powered by a cable or a rechargeable battery with power. For a battery trimmer, the latter is the case. The main advantage here is in the Freedom of movement when working, These cordless cordless brushcutters can also be used in areas where you will fail with conventional lawnmowers.

The design of all models compared here is always the same: they all have one Stem with cutting head at the bottom and a handle at the top.However, some of the devices in our battery grass trimmer test have a second grip in addition to the regular grip, which allows you to swivel the electric trimmer across the lawn like a motorized scythe (hence the synonym "brushcutter"). Other devices are additionally with a Plant protector as well as one swivel head equipped - on these useful accessories, we go into point 4 in more detail.
Basically, electric lawn mowers are distinguished by their cutting system in two ways:. On the one hand battery mowers exist with a thread (also as Thread mower with battery known) and on the other hand there are Akkurasentrimmer with a knife (usually made of plastic), too knife mower called.

But first we want the Advantages and disadvantages of cordless lawnmowers take a closer look. For this we have created a small overview for you:

  • without cable: can be used everywhere
  • easy mowing of hard to reach areas of the garden
  • environmentally friendly, since renouncing on gasoline and oil
  • relative low weight and (by second grip) to control well
  • limited useful life by battery operation
  • regular Change the bobbin or knife required

Tip for saving: If the cord trimmer thread is not worn, you can rewind it on the spool, saving you money on a new purchase.

2. Nylon thread or plastic knife: The cutting systems at a glance

cutting systemMark

Cordless grass trimmer comparison 2018: cordless

A cordless grass trimmer thread is usually made of nylon or similar plastic that is wound on a spool (connected to a thread head on one side). The trimmer is started and by the emerging centrifugal forces, the thread is stretched and can then cut or cut off the clippings.

In order to achieve a uniform mowing performance, a regular retraction of this thread is necessary. Once the bobbin is completely unwound, you should replace it as soon as possible.


Cordless grass trimmer comparison 2018: 2018

The blades of a cordless grass trimmer usually consist of a plastic, which is connected to a cutter head. The knives begin to rotate as soon as the cordless brush cutter is activated - and the knives begin their work. Some manufacturers also differentiate - depending on the required requirement - between grass cutter knives and thicket knives

The blades of your cordless lawn trimmer should always be sharp. To ensure this, you should change your knives every 3 to 4 months if used regularly (once or twice a week).

Replacement blades are available either directly from the manufacturer or in the hardware store of your choice.

But why are there different cutting tools at all? Below we have the key features, benefits and disadvantages again summarized by thread and knife:

ideal for grass and small green plantssuitable for light branches and woods
can tear when overstrainedunsuitable for stones, walls, etc., as fast dulling

Danger: Thread bobbins as well as knives should quickly replaced when worn otherwise it may not be possible to care for the grass evenly.

3. What to look for when acquiring a cordless trimmer

Cordless grass trimmer comparison 2018: comparison

The second handle on the kick of the lawn trimmer ensures a lot more handling.

We will discuss these categories in more detail below:

  • cutting tool
  • cutting width
    • the battery: running time, voltage, charger
    • Functionality and weight

3.1. cutting tool

You should first be clear about what exactly you want to use your cordless grass trimmer. The overviews from point 2 should be a first aid. Basically, you may ask yourself: would you like mow exclusively grasses and green plants and smooth lawn edges? Then we recommend an electric trimmer with thread trimming system.

These devices shine thanks to the special Extensibility of the thread and are made for, too ongoing operation to be able to touch hard objects such as walls, stones and fences; Nevertheless, you should avoid this as much as possible, because the grass trimmer thread wears off quickly and then has to be raised further.

Automatic thread adjustment

While the thread after wear earlier manually tightened had to be, is now one on many models automatic thread adjustment integrated. When the device is tapped on, the thread is pulled on to the floor (a so-called "treadmill") Tip-speed automatic).

However, you should aim more with your grass trimmer too light wood and small branches cut off, about a close overgrown embankment or in one ravaged hedge, we recommend you one Cordless grass trimmer with knife cutting system, For really heavy wood and thick branches, however, you should better use a cordless brush cutter or a cordless brushcutter to be able to use correspondingly stronger blades.

It is important that you pay close attention to the lawn trimmer with a knife, and not to hard objects such as stone walls or metal fences to be advised, because the knives are very blunt sometimes very quickly. Already one-time (unfavorable) contact with hard objects can lead to the blades becoming unusable.

Danger: It is best to regularly check the sharpness of the blades (when switched off!) And, if necessary, replace them in good time.

3.2. cutting width

The cutting width of your device is relevant in that it decides on the duration of the processing of a green area, because in fact applies to grass trimmers with battery exceptionally: Much helps a lot! The following standard values ​​apply as medium or large cutting widths: from approx. 260 mm (medium), from approx. 300 mm (large).

3.3. The battery: running time, voltage, charger

The grass trimmer battery, so the rechargeable battery, is probably the most outstanding feature of a cordless grass trimmer, ergo you should also put special attention to this. The average duration, with which you can use your device without recharging it, is approx. 30 minutes, The average battery voltage of the devices in our battery grass trimmer comparison is included 18 volts - here is to assume a constant performance.

Some of the grass trimmers we have compared use a kind of series system for their batteries (including the manufacturers Einhell, Makita, Bosch and Ryobi), which is gentle on the environment effect. It is also beneficial to the Purchase a replacement battery to think about - even or just not to have to wait until the only operating battery is fully charged while you actually want to work.

Tip: annoying Mis-buying of incompatible batteries and chargers You can also save yourself by looking for one from the outset Cordless grass trimmer including additional replacement battery and charger decides.

3.4. Functionality and weight

Last, but not least: The functionality Your cordless lawn trimmer deserves special attention, because there are also crucial differences between the models and types. The most important elements here include: a swivel head, on second (adjustable) handle, on telescopic handle as well as one Plant protector.

A swiveling head makes it easier to operate a cordless grass trimmer to reach different angles and to take positions, In addition, you can thus reach the furthest corners and edges of your garden.

A second handle on the handle will allow you to use the trimmer like swinging a scythe across the floor (hence the term Brush Cutter). Most devices are also still adjustable in angleso that people of any height can swing the cordless grass trimmer even in an upright position.

Through the telescopic handle is the gradually removing the device allows to adapt the battery trimmer as exactly as possible to the size of each user and also to allow mowing in an upright position.

The plant guard has been developed for use on a flowerbed and does exactly what its name suggests: it protects the plants and small plants there through one easily foldable ironing devicethat always ensures one sufficiently large distance to the flowers in the bed is respected. Unpleasant surprises (or even green massacres) can be prevented in this way relatively efficiently.

4. Care of lawn and battery trimmer

4.1. Tips for properly trimming the lawn

Depending on the condition of your garden or lawn, a different approach is required. Thus, for example, is recommended at high grassTo shorten the stalks in two stages: First, remove the tips of the upper part of the lawn from one side to the other, and finally swing the lower part in the opposite direction.

at Hang We recommend cutting from the bottom to the top and parallel to the slope, leaving at best tracks of about one meter width step by step. For as possible uniform cut you should run back the already mown piece and then continue on the next lane in the same direction and at a constant pace.

Tip: at especially large areas it is advisable to cut from outside to inside. First mow the lawn edges and then work your way round to the center of the area. This will give you the best overview of those places that might need some rework.

4.2. Tips for the care of the devices

Even if electric and cordless lawn trimmer rather maintenance does not mean that you can do without some basic cleaning. If you after each use of the respective device the Remove any grass from the cutting tools, automatically make sure that they do not dull so quickly. moreover reduces the workloadIf too many stalks or other crops wrap around the tool head.

Keep the thread head moist, especially if you are not using the device for a long period of time. In this way you not only increase the elasticitybut also prevent rapid wear.

5. Important information on protection and safety during gardening

Even with an electric or cordless lawn trimmer, there is a lot to consider in terms of occupational safety, because accidents are the right handling easy to avoid, The following safety measures should therefore be taken into account when cutting and mowing:

  • Pay attention to the correct attachment the thread or knife cover.
  • Do you wear solid shoes, at best, with Stahlkappen.
  • We recommend wearing of Work gloves.
  • It's easy to get into your eyes because of the surrounding scrub, grass clippings and wood chips Wearing safety goggles a necessary must.

In the following video you see a cordless grass trimmer in action, here the model Makita 18V:

6. Questions and answers about cordless lawn trimmers

6.1. Which are the most important manufacturers of grass trimmers?

The most important manufacturers of cordless grass trimmers include the following:

  • Black & Decker
  • Flymo
  • GMC
  • Ikra Mogatec
  • PowerPlus Garden
  • Rycobi
  • Tonino Lamborghini
  • Alpina
  • CEL
  • Gardol
  • Greenworks
  • Makita
  • Oregon
  • Atika
  • Bosch
  • Gartenmeister
  • Husqvarna
  • Wolf-Garten
  • Dolmar
  • Einhell
  • Gardena
  • JML
  • Worx

6.2. Are knives or bobbins cheaper at the time of purchase?

Cordless grass trimmer comparison 2018: cordless

The more caution you can use with your cordless grass trimmer on hard stone walls, the better for your device and thus also your wallet.

Both thread bobbins and knives for a cordless lawn trimmer usually cost around 10 euros, although prices vary depending on the manufacturer. More important than the price for the single coil or the knife, however, is the How often you change them, Avoid collisions with hard objects such as stones, metal and masonry. This saves a regular new purchase and thus money.

6.3. Where can I buy the cheapest grass trimmer?

Cheap cordless lawn trimmers can be found in particular on the Internet at the usual department stores and online shops and used cordless lawn trimmers on eBay, although the Quality varies greatly here can. Even at hardware stores such as Obi, Praktiker, Bauhaus, Hornbach and various others, you can buy a cordless lawn trimmer - online and on site. And finally, discounters like Aldi or Lidl also offer seasonally priced models.

6.4. Is there already a battery grass trimmer comparison at the Stiftung Warentest?

The Stiftung Warentest has tested only cable-guided grass trimmer models, not yet exclusively battery-powered. For a first overview, however, take a look at the website of the Belgian partner organization Test Aankoop.

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