Cordless impact wrench comparison 2018

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  • Cordless impact wrenches are tools for loosening or tightening nuts and bolts. They work with jerky, repetitive turns of the screw head. This leads to an increased power transmission from the device to the working material. Cordless screwdrivers with adjustable torque up to 400 Nm make it possible to tighten nuts and bolts with the required tightening pressure, for example when fitting tires to a car.
  • Impact wrench with battery work without cable connection, the power take over replaceable batteries. To enable a non-stop working, an additional battery is helpful. Pay attention to the recharging time: High-quality impact wrenches offer a quick charger, which makes the batteries reusable within about 30 minutes. Cheap cordless impact wrenches require up to an hour and more for a full charge.
  • Torque is critical to the success of working with an electric impact wrench: If you would like to use your cordless impact wrench to change tires on cars, scooters or motorcycles, the minimum requirement of 400 Nm to maintain the specified start-up pressure is a secure connection produce and solve nuts uncomplicated.

Cordless impact wrench comparison 2018: cordless

Many motorists regularly change to winter tires in the autumn and summer tires in the spring. Anyone who knows the procedure with jack, cross and torque wrench knows: The "Do-it-yourself" is especially troublesome when the heavily tightened nuts be loosened from the rim and then re-screwed with a certain pressure.

In racing, this work done the air impact impact driver within a few seconds. Would the tire change not be much more pleasant, more nerve and power saving, if you could also use an impact wrench? Even if you want to invest in the expansion of your home - for example, during loft conversions or constructive renovations - makes a cordless combi drill valuable services.

A tendon inflammation from screwing in too many screws or worn screw heads, because the cordless screwdriver can not transfer sufficient force when loosening, are a thing of the past with impact wrenches like ours Cordless impact wrench comparison 2018 shows.

1. Screwing tool types in comparison: work mechanically, electrically or with compressed air?

The category of screwdrivers you need is based on the requirements of your project - you will find an overview of the performance characteristics of various screw-type tools in this table:

Wrench Typedescription

Manual impact wrench

Cordless impact wrench comparison 2018: impact

  • A manual impact wrench is a tool for loosening heavily tightened screws and nuts that are stuck by rust.
  • In addition, a hammer is needed with which the full metal head of the impact wrench is struck against the nut.
  • An internally threaded thread leads an inclined plane: this worm converts the linear force of the hammer into a rotary motion.
  • This mechanism increases the torque compared to a screwdriver and loosely tightened nuts and bolts.
  • The impact wrench can also be used when screwing in. The blows press the head of, for example, a Phillips insert firmly into the head of the screw and prevent slippage and destruction of the slot profile.
  • A precise determination of the suit strength does not succeed with these simple tools. You will need a torque wrench to tighten lug nuts.
  • The combination of impact head and screw attachment forms a square profile.
  • The use of an impact wrench is accompanied by strong noise.
Conclusion: Well suited to loosen nuts stuck by rusting and to retighten screw heads in hardwood flush with the surface, Strong vibrations and noisy working.

Cordless Impact Wrench

Cordless impact wrench comparison 2018: 2018

  • Cordless impact wrenches solve with a hammering motion on the heads of heavily tightened screws and nuts.
  • The torque-increasing impact occurs within the device and is carried out by an electric motor and a corresponding mechanism - gear and spindle. A manual beating is eliminated.
  • With built-in or removable batteries for power supply, these power tools operate independently of the power supply.
  • The direction of rotation can be switched from right to left rotation and vice versa.
  • The rotation must be held against, for this purpose, the electric tool must be firmly gripped on the handle.
  • The torque is adjustable. When the tightening of the screw reaches the set value, the engine disengages.
  • Impulse wrenches achieve high torques of up to 400 Nm, as required when mounting car rims.
  • Various electrically powered cordless impact wrench models have a soft start.
  • Cordless impact wrenches use 1/2 "external square as well as 1/4" internal hexagon connections.
Conclusion: Powerful cordless impact wrenches are suitable for tire assembly in passenger cars, more compact craftsman models ideal for screwing overhead in timber construction. The battery packs allow you to work without power, but also increase the weight of the impact wrench.

Pneumatic impact wrenches

Cordless impact wrench comparison 2018: comparison

  • Pneumatic wrenches work with compressed air, which drives gears and spindles.
  • The compressed air is provided by a separate compressor, as lubrication the air must be mixed with a fine liquid oil.
  • The device is permanently connected to a hose attached to the handle with compressor and oil pump.
  • When screwing with compressed air impact wrenches with oil lubrication, the oil is released as an aerosol in the ambient air, respiratory protection is advisable. Only a few models have alternative lubrication.
  • The impact-turning movement starts at the start of the press a button, at the push start the pressure of the screw top on the screws and nuts. The pneumatic screwdrivers have no soft start.
  • Pneumatic impact wrenches can be exposed to heavy loads - even high torque does not lead to overheating or flying sparks. Therefore, it can be used in potentially explosive atmospheres.
  • Compared to electric impact wrenches, the adjustment of the torque is inaccurate, the tolerances to the decoupling of the engine are greater by pressure fluctuations. Here you have to rework with a torque wrench.
  • Pneumatic screwdrivers use 1/2 "square axles for tool holding.
Conclusion: Pneumatic impact wrenches are powerhouses that are suitable for workshop use. They are lighter and more compact than the electric models, but the supply hoses for air and lubrication make handling difficult. Maintenance, respiratory protection and compressor are additionally required.

Cordless Drill

Cordless impact wrench comparison 2018: wrench

  • Cordless screwdrivers are tools for screwing and drilling. You can screw in nuts and loosen and loosen, if no larger torques are required.
  • Her head is equipped with a drill chuck. With the right drilling inserts holes can be drilled in different materials, a striking mechanism allows the use as a drill bit in stone and concrete.
  • Quick chucks allow easy tool change.
  • The striking mechanism can not be used for screwing as there is no damping.
  • With a depth stop, countersunk screws can be screwed in at exact height.
  • These nutrunner models use mechanical torque limits, they do not work accurately. A slip clutch separates the drill head from the engine.
  • The cordless drill drivers have a right / left rotation and some models have a gearbox with two power levels: Slow speeds are for screwing in, faster speed for drilling. Many types of cordless drills offer stepless transitions.
  • The force on screw heads and nuts is significantly lower than in the three comparison tools, the high torque ranges of the other screwdriver variants are not achieved.
  • Cordless impact drills have by design a longer stem than impact wrench.
  • LED lights allow working in dark environments.
  • In the sheath of a cordless drill fit round drill bits and hexagonal attachments for screwing, polishing or cutting. To screw in magnetic holders with internal hexagon have proven to hold bits.
Conclusion: The all-rounders create uncomplicated holes in various materials and screw and loosen less tight-fitting nuts and bolts. For work in wood and plasterboard they are a good choice, for car wheel changes, as a chisel or when screwed to supporting wood joints the machines lack power.

2. Kaufberatung Impact Wrench: Consider criteria such as torque, number of impacts, battery life and weight

Cordless impact wrench comparison 2018: cordless

The compact head of electric impact wrenches or pneumatic impact wrenches enables the loosening and tightening of wheel nuts.

In many households, cordless impact drills assist with manual work. But the allrounders have their performance limits: strong impact drills, compact electric screwdrivers or Impact wrenches take over where more power, precision or speed is required.

While cordless screwdrivers or drills are regularly tested by consumer magazines, are the cordless impact wrench in tests by the Stiftung Warentest has not yet been assessed. If you want to buy a cordless impact wrench, you can therefore not be based on a battery impact wrench test winner.

The commercially available devices differ significantly in terms of performance, features, accessories and price: The following chapters give you an overview of all relevant aspects - so that you well thought out the ideal for you and the type of impact wrench Application can choose appropriate model.

2.1. The torque provides information about the impact force

Nm and torque: what is it?

The Torque measures the power of an engine: It designates the size by which the power of a motor can hold or move a coupled element. The same motor can hold a slightly larger torque to hold than to rotate, as material resistance and friction must be overcome during rotation.

This size is given in Newton meters, abbreviated Nm. In order to mount rims on a car on a car, you need at least 80 and up to more than 200 Nm, to release about 300 Nm with reserves. If you would like to use your cordless impact wrench for tire assembly, its output should be between 340 and 400 Nm.

High-quality cordless impact wrenches produce 650 Nm and more, while weaker variants have a torque of 110 Nm. Electric impact wrenches are thus clearly ahead of the strongest drill drivers with around 50 Nm.

If you want to work with a very compact cordless screwdriver, you have to reckon with a reduction in engine performance and battery life: The smaller the size of the devices, the lower the maximum achievable cordless impact torque.

2.2. Impact wrench with battery pack: Performance on time

Impact wrench with battery work independently of sockets outside the home or garage, as long as the energy is enough from the battery. Charge displays provide information about the remaining amount of energy. How powerful a battery is results in the multiplication of the values ​​for the capacity (shown in ampere-hours) with the operating voltage (named in volts).

The higher the result, the longer a battery delivers power for your work. With a Bosch cordless impact wrench with 18V operating voltage, you can work longer with a battery pack and have more power than with a 12V model. The same applies to the cordless impact wrench from Makita with 18V or the models of other manufacturers such as AEG or Milwaukee.

Your personal cordless impact wrench test will show: Lithium-ion batteries are contemporary, because they have no memory effect, such as nickel-cadmium batteries. A charger that can be used separately from the impact wrench allows you to work with the screwdriver at the same time and charge an exchange battery.

2.3. Idle speed and idle speed: Joker for greater efficiency in screwdriving

Cordless impact wrench comparison 2018: wrench

Especially with a larger screw diameter devices with high torque in the advantage over smaller-sized models.

The idling speed tells you the maximum number of load-free revolutions per minute for the impact wrench. Under load, this value decreases depending on the screw diameter and material.

Models with a gearbox such as numerous Makita or Bosch impact wrenches allow you to use different speeds in several gears: This gives you more control over the driving process. Impact wrench models with more than 1600 rpm are recommended.

The no-load number tells you the number of beats per minute that the cordless screwdriver can perform. If this value is higher than 2,000 hits, you can expect to be able to solve stubbornly stuck screwed connections.

2.4. Weight and handling: consider ergonomic needs

Strong impact wrenches with electric motors are not lightweights, Powerful devices weigh from 2.5 kg upwards, Weaker models with a torque around 100 Nm weigh about 1 kg. All the more important are the ergonomic needs of the hand adapted handle and a good balance of impact wrench with battery.

2.5. Accessories and tool holder

Cordless impact wrench comparison 2018: impact

Impact wrench accessories with bits and nuts as a set. Compatible with all models from Bosch, Makita, Milwaukee or AEG

As a rule, a cordless impact wrench has an external square with 1/2 inch to the tool holder. Corresponding nuts - for hexagon nuts and screws as well as Torx or slot screws - are plugged in with a handle and ready for use.

Combination models from Bosch or Makita offer an additional 1/4 "internal hexagon coupling: This makes it possible to use cordless impact wrenches for wood screws in soft substrates or to use them for drywall screw connections with so-called bits.

3. Frequently asked questions about impact wrenches with battery operation

3.1. Tire change: Which torque must be kept?

Tire change requires high precision when tightening the wheel nuts. If they are too loose, they can come loose completely, if they are too tight, damage or breakage of the thread can result. The valid value for your car can be found in your operating instructions or contact the manufacturer.

These values ​​are usually between 80 and 200 Nm. To be on the safe side, after tightening you should check all nuts with an impact wrench with a torque wrench and check them again after a few kilometers.

3.2. DIY: Can you drill with a cordless impact wrench?

Cordless impact wrench comparison 2018: impact

Compact device from Bosch: The advantage is the low weight, the disadvantage in the smaller torque.

Drills, impact drills, cordless drills - this type of equipment has a drill head in which chisel and drill bits can be clamped into its chuck.

Designated impact wrenches do not have such a chuck and can not be used for drilling. Selected model variants such as a cordless impact wrench from Bosch offer this possibility with the HEX9 multi-construction design.

However, in return for greater maneuverability and a wider range of applications, they are equipped with a low torque of 110 Nm. For working in confined spaces or overhead, this special form of percussion drill is excellently suited.

3.3. Manufacturers and brands: Which products work reliably?

Many craftsmen use Makita's proven products or use Bosch cordless impact wrenches. As an example, the Makita cordless impact wrench 18 0V DTD146 which counts among the best cordless impact wrenches. Also the Bosch impact wrench GDS 18 V-LI HT can be found in many workshops.

High-quality cordless impact wrenches are also available from AEG or Milwaukee. Makita's and Bosch's rugged but more expensive impact wrenches are well-suited for tough, continuous use, while AEG cordless impact wrenches and Milwaukee cordless impact wrenches are good value for the home improvement market.

3.4. Air models or rather an electric impact wrench?

If you want to do a lot of screwing in hard material or are often faced with loosening tight nuts, the question is whether a cordless impact wrench model is right for you or if you are more likely to resort to a compressed air driven type.

The following comparison of Advantages and disadvantages of a cordless impact wrench compared to a compressed air model is a help for your decision.

  • With an impact wrench with battery you work independently of a local power connection.
  • No cable or compressed air hose gets in the way when working and interferes with the handling of the tool.
  • Some models feature a 1/4 "hexagon socket to accommodate bits in addition to the 1/2" square outer.
  • Powerful models achieve high torque of over 400 Nm.
  • Lower cost of battery models.
  • There is no additional compressor required.
  • Multi-speed transmissions allow sensitive work.
  • The torque of the pneumatic impact wrench is not reached.
  • The battery brings extra weight to the hand, which can fatigue the holding apparatus in the long run.
  • For longer work assignments, you need several batteries to work without breaks

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