Cordless lawnmower comparison 2018

Purchase advice for the battery lawn mower comparison or test 2018

  • With a cordless lawnmower, you can work quietly and environmentally friendly on the lawn of your garden. Pay attention to the purchase but already on how big the mowing surface. Cordless lawnmowers are depending on the battery capacity for areas between 100 and max. 500 sqm suitable.
  • A lawnmower needs to be treated well. Before you let it disappear in the basement or storage room at the end of the gardening season, you should thoroughly clean it.
  • Safety is an important issue when mowing the lawn. Therefore, be sure to take appropriate security measures. Always wear protective clothing, sturdy shoes and gloves.

The lawn is the center of every garden. Accordingly well and well-kept one should deal with it. Regardless of whether it is to be used as a playground, near-home football pitch or for cozy barbecues, most garden owners cherish the dream of a dense, lush green lawn.

However, to make this dream a reality and start the gardening season with a healthy lawn, a regular cut is needed. Who during this work no desire for annoying cable clutter and environmentally harmful emissions At the same time, if you want to enjoy the peace and quiet of your home garden, you should consider getting a cordless lawnmower.

In order to guarantee you an adequate purchase advice, we have the best cordless lawnmower compared in our Cordless Lawn Mower Test 2018. As a fan of a well-maintained English lawn, it is also worthwhile, if necessary, to get a cordless grass trimmer and / or a scarifier.

Cordless lawnmower comparison 2018: cordless

1. What is a cordless lawnmower and how does it work?

Cordless lawnmowers are gardening tools for mowing the lawn, which are wireless through the lawn Use of a battery be operated and thus dispense with the use of electricity or gasoline.

Compared to other lawnmowers they have the great advantage that they can not get caught in shrubs, trees or bothersome branches due to their wirelessness and the user can mow freely in the garden without much restrictions. What advantages and disadvantages Lawn mowers with battery over other lawn mowers have, in the overview below again shown exactly.

  • hardly any noise
  • Environmentally friendly and no emissions
  • no cable and therefore flexible to use
  • very light and therefore good handling
  • easy to wait
  • clean cut surfaces
  • no particularly high range
  • Batteries must be charged regularly

For a better idea of ​​the Functioning and the advantages In the following application video, the battery-powered model Rotak 43 Li from Bosch is presented to you as an example:

2. What types of cordless lawnmower are there?

Usually lawnmowers are after the Kind of their drive divided into the following categories:

  • Walk Behind
  • Electric lawn mower (with power cord or with battery)
  • Gasoline lawn mowers
  • Lawn tractors with front engine
  • Ride-on mower with engine behind

This division shows the battery mower as one Subcategory of the electric mower, the more differentiated can only be distinguished by wheel drive:

  • Cordless lawnmower with wheel drive
  • Cordless lawnmower without wheel drive

It makes more sense therefore, battery mower after the mowing to distinguish:

Rotary mowerCylinder mowers

Cordless lawnmower comparison 2018: 2018

Especially popular in Germany are the so-called sickle mowers. You can usually because of their robustness mow even longer lawn easily. In principle, the sickle mower is particularly suitable for those people who want their lawn always nice and short (20-30 cm).

Although normally the lawn should be mowed once a week, it is sufficient to do this with the sickle mower only every 2-3 weeks. Despite these advantages, the lawn mower is not ideal. In contrast to the cylinder mower He does not cut the grass, but hits it off.

This creates irregular surfaces on the blades of grass. These sores are much larger than with clean cut grass, which on the one hand delays the regeneration of the lawn and on the other hand can facilitate the entry of germs.

Cordless lawnmower comparison 2018: 2018

Spindle mowers are not very common in Germany. They are much more sensitive and less robust than sickle mowers, but work for it more accurate and consistent, The lawn can be very gently cut by a rotating spindle extremely short (about 10 mm), which is why the most common place of use Golf courses and football fields are.

The fact that this mower works much finer than the sickle mower also makes it much more susceptible to defects. Even small sticks or stones are enough to block the spindle, destroy it or affect the sharpness of the knife.

3. Purchase criteria for cordless lawnmowers: You must pay attention to this

3.1. Battery voltage, battery capacity, charging time and area size

Cordless lawnmower comparison 2018: lawnmower

Cordless lawnmowers are generally suitable for lawns between 100 and 500 square meters.

The cordless lawnmower has experienced a real breakthrough in recent years. Responsible for this is the rapid increase in the field of lithium-ion technology and the associated ever-increasing energy density and range of modern batteries.

Many lawnmowers are running in the meantime 36 volt lithium-ion batteries, Nevertheless, with many manufacturers, the area information that can be mowed with a fully charged battery, quite optimistic and generous.

Depending on your individual needs, you should therefore pay attention to the capacity and how many square meters you can work on a single charge. At a capacity of 2.6 or even 1.5 amp hours Usually the charge is only enough for half an hour. Realistic are therefore area information from 100 to 300 square meters. With higher capacities of 4 amp hours are too larger areas of up to 500 sqm to accomplish.

In addition to the capacity, they should be in addition to the charging time and the presence of a second battery respect, think highly of. Since the charging of the batteries takes about 1 to 3 hours depending on the manufacturer, most manufacturers deliver a second battery but already with.

3.2. Lithium-ion batteries

As mentioned earlier, most cordless lawnmowers now use lithium-ion batteries. When buying this should play a central role for you. Although devices with lithium-ion batteries are more expensive to buy than others, they prevent self-discharge. This means that the battery, in contrast to other types of batteries, even if he z. B. during the winter longer time out of service, no energy loseswhich ultimately prolongs the life of the battery.

For the battery, however, a proper storage is to be considered. You should definitely do it protect from frost and do not leave it in the lawnmower during long periods of non-use.

3.3. cutting capacity

Unlike gasoline or electric lawn mowers, cordless mowers have a lower power output, so only relatively short grass can be mowed. This means that the treatment of the lawn with a cordless lawnmower must be done regularly. You should also pay attention to the possible cutting heights and cutting widths.

  • In the cutting height Of course, it depends primarily on their personal taste. Nevertheless, there are important differences, depending on whether you want to mow a lawn or a lawn. If, for example, you prefer a slightly higher decorative lawn (about 75 millimeters), you should pay attention to the upper limit of the different cordless mowers. In our cordless lawnmower comparison, all devices achieve a cutting height of 60 to 75 millimeters that can be selected in several stages. On the other hand, cutting height adjustment is less relevant if it prefers a shorter useful turf, which should generally be between 30 and 50 millimeters high, since the minimum cutting height of most devices is often around 20 millimeters. So the o. G. Settings can be easily achieved. Normally one is multi-level cutting height adjustment possible over the handle of the battery.
  • The cutting width is at about 32 to 45 centimeters in most cordless mowers lower than many other mowers. But since with battery mowers rather smaller surfaces are processed anyway, this does not necessarily weigh as a disadvantage. In contrast to electric or petrol-driven lawnmowers, this even results in the advantage that cordless mowers are significantly more manoeuvrable and thus difficult-to-reach and crooked lawns can be processed more easily. In principle, however, the cutting width should be adapted to the square meter area of ​​the lawn to be worked.

Tip: The larger the grass area, the larger the cutting width should be.

insert surfacecutting width
up to 50 sqm30 cm
up to 100 square meters35 cm
up to 200 sqm40 cm

3.4. Catcher volume

Cordless lawnmower comparison 2018: comparison

The grass catcher should be emptied regularly.

For those who want to mow lawns with ease and without much effort, the question of catcher volume is also of great importance. Because the larger the catcher volume, the less often you have to empty it. Especially voluminous catch baskets You should nevertheless keep in mind that the battery mower becomes heavier in the course of mowing, the more grass accumulates in the catcher.

Depending on your needs, you should balance these points and decide on larger or smaller sized pots according to your preferences. The usual catch volumes are between 30 and 50 liters.

3.5. ejection

In principle, a distinction can be made between two different ejection systems in lawnmowers. For one, there is the rear discharge, on the other hand side discharge, The rear ejection, which has been installed in our cordless lawnmower test on all devices, has the great advantage that the cordless mower remains relatively slender on the sides, making it relatively easy to work even tighter niches or corners of the garden. In addition, the unintentional contamination of, for example, house walls, garden fences, etc. can be avoided.

4. Safety while mowing the lawn

In Germany, mowing is average about 7000 accidents per year, Responsible for this is usually careless behavior. Particularly affected are people who wear open toe shoes without a protective cap, or those who try to remove grass by hand on a running mower.

Also, rock cutting caused by mowing should not be underestimated as a danger to your own safety. Therefore, it is important when mowing some safety rules and to inform themselves about security measures.

4.1. Automatic security measures

Not only cordless lawnmowers, but every modern lawnmower has automatic safety mechanisms regardless of brand. So must z. B. regardless of the type of lawn mower a so-called engine stop be installed. This means that in manual mowers, the motor and its associated blades will stop immediately as the user releases the so-called deadman lever, which must be pressed throughout during operation.


Dead man systems serve the work safety. They check whether a person is present and operates the machine. Depending on the type of device, there are different systems. In the case of lawn mowers, for example, they trigger when you release a specific knob or lever and lock.

4.2. Own security measures

In addition to the automatic security measures, you can also take your own precautions for your protection. We would recommend the following points in each case:

  • a professional and knowledgeable Consultation by a specialist or the detailed Studying the instruction manualwhich points out important features of your device and can give you valuable tips.
  • a regular one Maintenance of your lawnmowerwhich you should either accept yourself after reading the instruction manual or have it carried out by a skilled person. On the one hand, this extends the life of the device and, on the other hand, increases safety during operation.

Danger: You should wear protective clothing such as goggles, sturdy shoes or gloves.

In addition, be sure to remove the battery when working on the unit, remove stones and knots from your lawn before mowing, and ensure that no playing children are in the immediate vicinity of your work environment.

5. Care and cleaning tips

Before the garden season comes to an end and the lawnmower disappears for several months in the basement or storage room, it should be maintained and cleaned. Stowed uncleaned and possibly still wet from the last mate, he can quickly rust and take damage.

First, you should do this A mower housing thoroughly clean the cordless lawn mower. Coarse dirt can be best with a hard brush remove. Then you should use the entire Wipe the housing with a damp cloth, remove the batteries and store protected from frost, dry and store at room temperature.

Also in the field of knife should have accumulated a lot of dirt over the year. This can also be removed well with a broom or a hard brush, before the cutting unit with a damp cloth should wipe off.

If necessary, you can also think about the knives for the coming year to hone, For a good result, it is recommended not to sharpen the blade and knife on the device, but from the Disassemble drive, On this occasion, you can also immediately clean the gearbox and possibly grease the drive again. During the entire cleaning process you should wear work gloves for your own protection.

Tip: To clean the grass catcher, you can spray the outer air openings with a high-pressure cleaner or a hard jet of water.

6. Questions and answers around the topic of cordless lawnmowers

6.1. Has Stiftung Warentest tested cordless lawnmowers?

The Stiftung Warentest has not carried out a special cordless lawnmower test so far. In its issue 04/2009, however, it has tested 17 electric, hand and cordless mowers, of which not all could really convince. In the tested lawn mowers, which are battery operated, the Stiftung Warentest has as a point of criticism in particular the relatively weak force formulated when mowing tall grass.

Also the mowing quality was considered rather average, so that due to their relatively high purchase prices with average performance no cordless lawnmower could be test winner. However, it should be noted that this test dates back to 2009 and is in the course of increasingly improving battery technology have made some innovations.

6.2. Where do I buy a battery?

Normally, the offer Manufacturer from lawn mowers with battery replacement batteries. Also in various hardware stores they should find something. It is important that when buying a lawnmower, make sure that the replacement batteries are not more expensive or nearly as expensive as the lawnmower itself.

6.3. Which is the best surface for a cordless lawnmower?

That depends and is not universally valid answer. Less suitable are cordless lawnmowers for large areas from 1000 sqm. Realistic are mostly areas of 100 to 300 sqm, If your cordless lawnmower reaches a power of 4 amp hours, areas of up to 500 sqm to accomplish.

6.4. Are there any self-propelled battery-powered lawnmower robots?

Cordless lawnmower comparison 2018: comparison

Mowing robot from the manufacturer Gardena

Yes. A special form of the lawn mower is the self-propelled lawn mower robot with mulching function. It is battery operated and draws its energy from the device solar cells, Alternatively, the robotic lawnmower can automatically on one charging station be reloaded. During the mowing process, obstacles are displayed to the robotic lawnmower via sensors, which can then be easily bypassed.

But not only self-propelled mowing robots, but also other battery-powered and battery-powered mowers have one mulching, This means that the mower chops the mowed lawn and spreads it out as a mulch on the short-cut grass.This natural fertilization of the lawn has the advantage that the time-consuming disposal of the seed is eliminated.

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