Cordless screwdriver comparison 2018

Purchase advice for the cordless screwdriver comparison or test 2018

  • With one battery charge, you can fasten and loosen screws in a short time with little effort compared to manual screwdriving with a screwdriver.
  • Wood, plastic, concrete or metal - depending on the performance, a screwdriver with drilling function is suitable for different materials.
  • If you are working on larger projects, it is advisable to have a spare battery at hand. It is also important to pay attention to useful features such as the bit holder, integrated LED lighting and several attachments.

Cordless screwdriver comparison 2018: comparison

Anyone who has ever invested in their own home, instead of an expensive specialist, knows how indispensable a well-equipped toolbox is. In addition to hammer, pliers, nails and screws is also a device that is not operated with pure muscle lard, an almost indispensable accessory: the cordless screwdriver.

If you've ever tried to manually turn a screw into a thick wooden board with the screwdriver, you'll probably think back to it with horror. Ineffective, exhausting and frustrating That's usually. And even if a survey has shown that tools like the one discussed here are awarded the most by the Germans with 37%, it is an all-understand consideration to want to buy yourself a cordless screwdriver.

Which criteria You need to pay attention to find your personal battery screwdriver test winner, we explain in our cordless screwdriver Test 2018.

1. What is a cordless screwdriver?

computing Tip

The performance of a cordless screwdriver can be simple to calculate, Multiply the voltage (V) by the ampere-hours (Ah). The result is the unit of watt-hour (Wh). A cordless screwdriver with 24 V and a capacity of 2 Ah thus has a capacity of 48 Wh. This is a value that is often not stated in the manufacturer's instructions.

A cordless screwdriver has the big plus that he without power cable to use. Whether you want to work with it in the basement, in the loft or at the treehouse, a power line can often be annoying because it is either too short or can turn out to be treacherous tripping hazards. In the category of cordless screwdrivers fall those devices with which primarily the screws in wood is completed. It is possible, however, with him further accessories to be much more diverse. With a suitable attachment, a cordless screwdriver is even able to loosen tire nuts on the car and tighten or drive a fan attachment.

Before we explain to you in the following sections, which features are the different cordless screwdrivers and which characteristics are particularly important, we list the most common Advantages and disadvantages this tool type on:

  • allows you great mobility
  • avoids cables that can be restrictive and trip hazards
  • often low battery charging times
  • must be recharged
  • requires a variety of essays for other tasks

2. Which types of cordless screwdrivers are available?

In addition to the classic cordless screwdriver, there are other types of screwdrivers that can be operated without a constant connection to the power grid. They differ from the classic cordless screwdriver by other uses.

2.1. Mini cordless screwdriver

Cordless screwdriver comparison 2018: comparison

Mini cordless screwdrivers are ideal for tight situations.

"Small but mighty" is the motto of mini-cordless screwdrivers, which, recognizable by the name, have a smaller size and are therefore even better in the hand. They are primarily suitable for smaller work steps in the house and less for the construction site (although they can also be of benefit in tight situations). Nevertheless, the performance does not have to be fundamentally reduced.

2.2. Akkubohrschrauber

The cordless screwdriver can also screw in and out the classic way, but still has one further speed levelwhich is intended for drilling. This goes hand in hand with attachments for drill heads, which have to mill at a higher speed into different materials and do not go limp even with different degrees of hardness (such as concrete or types of stone compared to wood).

2.3. Battery impact wrench

The special feature of the cordless screwdriver, which is often simply called impact wrench, is said stroke. This one can switched on when needed be strengthened and accelerated the incorporation of the screw in the material. As a result, it is almost more hammered than screwed. If you need to use the device in "gentler" working environments, classic screwdriving is also possible.

2.4. Battery Impulse Tools

The eponymous impulse in the still quite young genus of Akkuimpulsschraubers comes in a different way than the impact wrench. While the latter produces the blows mechanically, the impulse wrench reaches it with oil, which he piles up in a small cell at the drill head. The pressure this causes triggers the impulse. They are primarily used by craftsmen on assembly and can enter in a very short time high torque produce. This allows you to loosen and screw in screws very quickly.

Material Question: Observe the manufacturer's instructions regarding the material for which the drill is designed. There are differences whether the cordless screwdriver can turn the screws in wood or in harder materials such as metal and steel. The number of revolutions is not the sole decisive criterion for this.

3. Purchase criteria for cordless screwdrivers: You must pay attention to this

If you have to decide which cordless screwdriver you should buy and if probing questions arise about what you should look out for to find the best cordless screwdriver for you, you should consider the following aspects:

buying criteriadescription
powerIf you want to look at the power of a cordless screwdriver, you have to look at the voltage focus. The higher this is, the more powerful the device is. There are the following common voltages: 3.6 | 7.2 | 9,6 | 10,8 | 12 | 18 | 24 | 36. Further parameters for the potential to be provided are the gear ratio, how high the maximum torque is and what capacity the battery has. A useful side effect of higher voltage devices is that they do not get hot that fast.
battery packWhen the battery is next to the actual charge capacity, which is indicated in amperes, and the operating voltage important. The higher this is, the faster the battery is empty. For most of the products in our battery-powered screwdriver comparison, a lithium-ion battery is installed.

You have one Protection against self-discharge on and have a low weight. This is particularly important if you usually have to hold a cordless screwdriver in your hand for longer and eventually every gram is twice as heavy.

equipmentAlso to the accessories you can spare batteries count included with some models. Especially for longer projects these are recommended for changing. The supplied charging station can then recharge the second battery and you do not have to interrupt your work.

Other useful features are one lateral bit holderthat magnetically fixes drill bits and screws and keeps your hand free, as well as one integrated lampwhich creates the necessary clarity in poorly lit situations. Some cordless screwdrivers also have one displayshowing the current settings and battery capacity.

4. Which types of drills are there for cordless screwdrivers?

Depending on the material in which you want to drill or screw, you also need different drill bits and bits, ie holders for corresponding drill types. In this section of our cordless screwdriver test, we list the most common ones.

  • Holzbohrer (suitable for any type of wood, also known as wood twist drills)
  • Flat wood drill (drills in soft as hard wood, offers large diameter, but does not create a large thickness)
  • concrete drill (drills in concrete, masonry and stone)
  • auger (the name confuses something, the drill is suitable for deep holes in wood and plastic)
  • Glass and tile drills (specially designed for use with mirrors, glass and tiles)
  • Multifunctional drill (All-rounder for wood, plastic and concrete)
  • High Speed ​​Steel (HSS) (also a versatile drill for wood, plastic and concrete)

Avoid drilling dust: Also during screwing and drilling, the thread can escape from the hole during the turning process, drilling chips or drilling dust. Fine dust and small chips can be especially then be very annoyingwhen the process takes place over your head. It can fall into their eyes or into your airways. To avoid this, ideally another person will keep an attached vacuum cleaner close to the drilling site. If no partner is available, there is also a trick for working alone craftsmen: just make a flat yogurt cup with a hole in the bottom and put it on the drill as an attachment. He serves with little effort as useful collection container.

5. Questions and answers about the subject of cordless screwdrivers

5.1. What does Stiftung Warentest say about cordless screwdrivers?

Cordless screwdriver comparison 2018: screwdriver

High quality workmanship justifies the purchase price.

The experts of Stiftung Warentest do not have a pure cordless screwdriver test to prove, punished in a short test in 2007, however, a cheap screwdriver from Tchibo dignified.

This aroused the examiners because of low performance, short battery life and poisonous battery very sour.

In general, the Stiftung Warentest comes to the conclusion that you are buying at quality should set.

5.2. Which cordless screwdriver manufacturers are there?

Apart from the industry giant Bosch, brands such as Black & Decker, Makita, TROTEC, Einhell, Ryobi, Hazmet, DeWalt, Mannesmann and Hitachi hopes that you will buy a cordless screwdriver from battery-operated screwdrivers.

This strong competition actually only has advantages for customers. The product quality is increasing steadily and also in the praise The manufacturers try to outdo their competitors. If you know what you want and what your future cordless screwdriver must be able to do, you can use the products of these companies with a clear conscience.

5.3. How do I find the right cordless screwdriver?

Cordless screwdriver comparison 2018: cordless

A cordless screwdriver with LED lamp can also be used in the dark.

Do you often work with your hands and do a lot of manual work? Then you can recommend a cordless screwdriver, the one long battery life has and has important aids such as an integrated LED light and a second battery.

If you need such a device only sporadically and are not a craftsman out of passion, a mini cordless screwdriver can prove the right choice. Moreover, the question is important in which materials You want to drill the screws, because not all devices drill types are suitable for everything (see our previous chapter).

5.4. How can I screw and drill as precisely as possible?

Nice and good, if you measured with the spirit level and the ruler neatly where you want to drill or screw. The markings are made, but still the drill or the screw go wrong or not deep enough into the hole? There are practical ones Do-it-yourself trickswith which you can ensure that your work steps succeed as precisely as possible. This video has a few of them on offer:

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