Cordless screwdriver: What significance does the torque have?

Buying a cordless screwdriver often makes it difficult to compare the performance of individual devices. Wattage, Volts, Amp-hours, Torque - all these values ​​are important in certain areas. The importance of the torque of a cordless screwdriver is explained in this article.

Meaning of the torque

The torque is particularly important when screwing in screws. Drilling requires significantly less torque, but higher speeds. The performance of a cordless screwdriver when screwing in screws can therefore be measured well according to the torque.

The torque is given, as in vehicles also, in Newton meters (Nm).

Further criteria in addition to the torque

If you buy a cordless screwdriver (or a cordless drill or a cordless impact wrench), you should never consider the torque isolated as a power value.

Always pay attention to the following values ​​when comparing devices with each other:

  • maximum torque
  • voltage
  • Idle speed

The voltage is essential for a high torque, but for high speeds (important for drilling). It is quite possible to achieve high torques even with low voltages, which is not excluded. Often, however, both go hand in hand.


Also in performance specifications is often distinguished between a light and a hard "screwing". A soft screwing is when you turn screws in soft materials (such as wood). The screwing in of the screw requires little force at the beginning, but an increasingly higher torque, the further the screw penetrates.

When screwing in metal, it is just the opposite: Here, especially at the end suddenly much more torque is required. Not all devices can do this in the same way. This can then be recognized by the respective Nm specification for the respective screwdriving case.

Tips & Tricks

Choosing a device is not always easy as there are a lot of power requirements to consider: voltage, wattage and speed, but also the gear ratio and design, as well as the weight of the device. An experienced advice in terms of its own purpose is always beneficial.

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