Cordless vacuum cleaner comparison 2018

Purchase advice for the cordless vacuum cleaner comparison or test 2018

  • Cordless vacuum cleaners are particularly handy and quickly at hand - they are especially suitable for removing small dirt.
  • The heart of the cordless vacuum cleaner is - as the name implies - the battery. Modern models have a lithium-ion battery that does not self-discharge and is also very light and powerful.
  • When buying, also look for any accessories: Various attachments are helpful if you are next to the floor, for example. also want to clean upholstered furniture. A wall mount may also be useful to stow the hand-held vacuum cleaner,

Cordless vacuum cleaner comparison 2018: cleaner

"I value that everything flashes and flashes in my home": In a survey in 2012, around 14 million Germans (14 years and older) fully agreed with this statement. Order and cleanliness are therefore of great importance - and yet cleaning is not one of our favorite pastimes. It is usually tedious and costs time, which we could use more meaningfully.

Cordless vacuum cleaners are intended to remedy this situation: They are particularly quick to use, easy to handle and especially useful if only a few crumbs under the breakfast table should be removed.

In order to make sure you do not have to bother pulling out the vacuum cleaner for every crumb, fluff or little hair, we explain to you in the purchase adviceCordless vacuum cleaner test 2018What different types of cordless vacuum cleaners are there and what you should pay particular attention to the purchase.

1. For quick cleaning in between: The cordless vacuum cleaner

Cordless vacuum cleaner comparison 2018: cordless

Wireless vacuum cleaners are also great for cleaning the car.

Cordless vacuum cleaners are sometimes referred to as table or vacuum cleaner. They are mainly used when it comes to the elimination of small impurities - if you e.g. To remove crumbs, animal hair or grains of sand from your sofa.

The suction power of such a cordless vacuum cleaner is not comparable to that of a vacuum cleaner in the rule. A cordless vacuum cleaner should not replace the vacuum cleaner, but is used in many households as a "second vacuum" and always used when it would not be worthwhile to get the "big brother" out of the closet.

The heart of every cordless vacuum cleaner is the battery. The devices are therefore, unlike other vacuum cleaners, not directly dependent on a power connection. Although the battery must be charged, the vacuuming itself eliminates the annoying messing around with the cable.

Apart from that, the currently available models of various could not be. In order to keep track, we explain in our battery vacuum cleaner comparison, what differences there are and how to find the best vacuum cleaner!

Here we have you once Advantages and disadvantages of a table vacuum cleaner listed:

  • small and handy
  • independent of the mains connection
  • fast at hand
  • lends itself well to the elimination of minor soiling
  • low efficiency - does not replace a vacuum cleaner
  • small dust container
  • limited battery life

2. Which cordless vacuum cleaner types are there?

When we talk in our battery-vacuum cleaner comparison of cordless vacuum cleaners, we usually mean the small Handheld vacuum cleanerwhich we have already described above and which are particularly well known and widely used.

There is also other categories of cordless suckers that we put you in following table want to explain something in more detail:

Table Vacuum Cleaner / Vacuum Cleaner

Cordless vacuum cleaner comparison 2018: vacuum

  • compact, small handsets
  • Length is usually between 30 and 40 centimeters
  • Relatively low battery life - between 10 and 20 minutes
  • Small capacity - usually between 0.2 and 0.5 liters
  • especially suitable for quick cleaning of tables, drawers, upholstered furniture, etc.
  • can not replace a vacuum cleaner - rather thought of as a supplement
Vacuum cleaner with battery / hand vacuum cleaner

Cordless vacuum cleaner comparison 2018: comparison

  • are also offered as "hand vacuum cleaners" - conceptualization can be confusing because "hand vacuum cleaners" are often connected to small table vacuums
  • Vacuum cleaner without suction hose = hand vacuum cleaner
  • have a suction nozzle and a foot, which often goes directly into the dust bag
  • Handle at the top
  • User pushes the vacuum cleaner in front of him, device is not pulled
  • also available as devices with mains connection (most famous example: the "Kobold vacuum cleaner" from Vorwerk)
  • often "2-in-1-Sauger": consist of a housing and a separately usable table vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner robot / wiper robot

Cordless vacuum cleaner comparison 2018: 2018

  • latest generation of household helpers - work autonomously
  • Navigation works through multiple sensor systems
  • Infrared sensors for distance measurement to furniture and other objects
  • Sensors on the underside prevent falling over stairs or similar.
  • Battery life is usually about 60 minutes to the next charge

3. Purchase criteria for cordless vacuum cleaners: You should pay attention to this!

3.1. The battery

Cordless vacuum cleaner comparison 2018: cordless

Even drawers can be cleaned very quickly using a table vacuum.

The heart Your table vacuum is the battery. Modern models are equipped either with a nickel-metal hydride battery (Ni-Mh battery) or with a lithium-ion battery (Li-Io battery). The previously used nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) batteries are now considered obsolete.

Here again to the overview:

  • Nickel-cadmium batteries: Are known for their self-discharge and have a memory effect, i. they also discharge when not in use, and the battery performance decreases with time if the battery is not discharged regularly. They are considered obsolete today.
  • Nickel-metal hydride batteries: Self-discharge also occurs here, but it does not affect the memory effect. Statistically, these batteries discharge up to 15-20% per month.
  • Lithium-ion batteries: These are hardly prone to self-discharge (only 1-2% per month) and have no memory effect. They are also lighter and more powerful than other batteries and are therefore installed in more expensive devices.

Cordless vacuum cleaner comparison 2018: comparison

Whether dog hair or crumbs: With a powerful cordless vacuum cleaner you remove the dirt in no time.

Battery life is between 10 and 20 minutes on most devices, So it's not that long. For the quick elimination of crumbs or hair this runtime is usually sufficient.

The battery charging time, however, is always several hours - There are considerable differences (depending on the model): some vacuum cleaners need to be connected to the charging station for three hours, others up to 24 hours. With older batteries, there may occasionally be problems if you want to put them into operation before the complete charging cycle is complete. Modern lithium-ion batteries are much easier to handle in this regard -An integrated electronic circuit protects them from deep discharge and overcharging.

3.2. The suction power

Cordless vacuum cleaner comparison 2018: comparison

The suction power of your wireless vacuum cleaner depends above all on its flow optimization.

Many buyers mistakenly believe that the performance of a teat in watts says something about how well or poorly it sucks. The wattage alone, however, initially only indicates how much power the battery sucker consumes. A much more important role is played by other factors.

Foremost is, for example, the flow optimization: This in turn depends on the nature of the suction nozzle, the pipe and the housing. When all these factors are well matched, low power is enough to achieve satisfactory results.

Also useful are features such as the so-called cyclone technology: Here, a small air vortex is created inside the nipple, which should increase the suction force.

Danger: Also always make sure that the filter of your cordless vacuum cleaner is clean - a heavily soiled filter leads to a strong loss of suction power.

3.3. The collection container

Cordless vacuum cleaner comparison 2018: cleaner

Without a bag: The collection container should be big enough and easy to clean.

An important purchasing criterion is, among other things, the nature of the collecting container. First of all, the larger the container, the more dirt the battery sucker can absorb before it has to be emptied. Normally table vacuums have a capacity of 0.2 to 0.5 liters. For comparison, a vacuum cleaner often swallows up to 5 liters, but must of course also absorb much larger amounts of dust.

When buying, you should also pay attention to how easily or quickly the device can be cleaned: Many models have a button that activates the dust box - allowing the contents to be emptied directly into the trash can. For other table vacuums, the dust container must be separated from the motor by a twisting motion - if you are not careful, it may happen that some of the dirt lands on the floor again.

tip: Also, make sure that the container of your personal cordless vacuum cleaner test winner is as possible not angled otherwise - parts of the dust could get stuck during emptying and cleaning would be unnecessarily complicated.

3.4. The weight

Cordless vacuum cleaner comparison 2018: vacuum

Above all, table-top vacuums have to be one thing: handy.

The best cordless vacuum cleaner is above all handy and helps you to clean even places that are not accessible with a conventional vacuum cleaner. Table and hand vacuum cleaners are e.g. very suitable to remove cobwebs on the ceiling or dust on the top of a door.

This is only possible if the device is as light as possible and can be transported well from place to place.

So make sure that your table vacuum does not weigh more than 2.0 kg - For most models, the weight is between 0.8 and 1.5 kg.

3.5. Accessories

Cordless vacuum cleaner comparison 2018: cleaner

With the right attachment, even the keyboard of the laptop can be cleaned.

When buying, also pay attention to which accessory is included.

The cordless vacuum cleaner test shows: Especially useful are various nozzles and attachments, because they increase the number of possible applications. With a crevice nozzle tile interspaces can be cleaned, a special padded attachment allows gentle cleaning of your sofa set.

Another useful extra is a wall mount: This usually serves as a charging station at the same time and ensures that the vacuum cleaner can be stowed to save space and is quickly accessible.

4. Questions and answers about cordless vacuum cleaners

4.1. What does Stiftung Warentest say?

More suckers in comparison
  • Vacuum cleaner robots in comparison
  • Vacuum cleaner without bag compared
  • Wet-dry vacuum in comparison

Unfortunately, the Stiftung Warentest still has no table vacuum cleaner test carried out.

However, in test 02/2016 will be Cordless vacuum examined in more detail. The conclusion is a bit sobering: According to Stiftung Warentest, cordless devices with rechargeable batteries quickly become limp and at most suitable for use as a second vacuum. The suction power is superficially good, for really deep-seated dust vacuum cleaner with cable but better suited.

4.2. Which manufacturers and brands are the most important?

In search of the right cordless vacuum cleaner you will be over many names stumble. The most important we have in following list summarized again for you:

  • Vorwerk
  • Kärcher
  • Siemens
  • AEG
  • Dirt Devil
  • Sebo
  • Philips
  • Rowenta
  • Hoover
  • Rainbow
  • Kirby
  • Bosch
  • Dyson
  • Miele
  • iRobot
  • Samsung
  • Vileda
  • Thyssen
  • Grundig
  • clatronic

4.3. Can you also remove liquids with table vacuums?

Yes, there are some table-top vacuums that will help you to absorb not only crumbs but also liquids - one example is the FC6142 from Philips.

As a rule, such models have a special one Wet cleaner attachmentwhich can be screwed on as needed.

4.4. Can you buy replacement batteries?

In principle, this is possible - but it always depends on the particular model and the manufacturer, so the question can not be answered flat rate. If you have problems with your vacuum cleaner battery, you should contact the dealer or the manufacturer as soon as possible.

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