Grind cork floor properly and clean

To remove an old seal, or to make an old cork floor clean and beautiful again, you have to sand it off. But that requires some skill - and above all the right approach to actually get a good result. Read here what you need and what you need to do.

Grinding is tricky

Choosing the right grinder, the right handling and the right grain size - all this is something you need to know to get a decent and clean result when sanding cork floors.

The grinding machine must not run too fast and should have a slightly more flexible sanding sheet - therefore, a CC single disc machine with a submerged Velcro grid and a so-called superpad is best. This is the best way of grinding cork floors.

Step by step to the parquet floor

  • Sandpaper in 60s, 120s and 150s grit
  • Abklebematerial
  • possibly hard oil
  • Single-disc grinding machine (must not run too fast)
  • Superpad and Velcro

1. Preparation for grinding

Remove all baseboards and stick any existing sealing joints clean off to create later when sanding no traces of silicone. Thoroughly clean the floor again with the vacuum cleaner to remove all loose materials and all dust.

2. Grinding - but right

You have to use the different grits in the correct order: first the 120 grit, then the 150 grit. For new floors this is enough - old, already worn floors should be preceded by a 60-grit sanding cycle.

Always sand first in the direction of the grain, then first against the grain direction. Between each change of direction you should always lift the machine.

3. Finish the floor

Once you have done all the sanding, vacuum the floor thoroughly with the vacuum cleaner - until all the sanding dust has been removed from the floor. It is also recommended to suck between the grinding cycles. Then you can oil or grow the newly grounded soil again.

Tips & Tricks

After vacuuming, empty the vacuum cleaner bag and store it in a fireproof place - otherwise the metal particles that are present may cause a time-delayed ignition of the grinding dust!

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