Cork floor buy cheap

With a price range of twenty to fifty euros per square meter, the majority of cork floors are in the low-priced area for floor coverings and parquets. With a small search additional money can be saved, without the quality of the cork floor must be worse.

Genuine cork seals and standard standards

The German Korkverband together with the Eco-Umweltinstitut in Cologne has created a quality assurance system that identifies the corresponding cork floors by awarding the "The cork logo" sign.

According to their own statements, the content of formaldehyde, phenol and other pollutants is mainly measured by random sampling and the origin and supply chain of the cork is documented. If you find cheap offers for cork flooring, you should pay attention to this certification.

Non-European unchecked products

While most cork floors in Europe are made from Portuguese and Spanish cork oaks, there is a growing import market in Asia and, above all, products from China are finding their way into German trade.

The imports include all types of cork flooring, from the simple glued panel to the multilayer click-finished parquet. The very cheap square meter prices from these sources can be up to half lower than certified products from Europe and partly also from Asia.

Pay attention to the reasons for the low price

All price offers below twenty euros per square meter should be checked carefully. Normally, only remaining stock, special offers, special offers and second-hand goods are offered at such favorable prices. The greatest possible freedom from pollutants is only given when receiving the cork seal.

A price factor is also the use class, which is determined by the abrasion resistance. Most cheap cork floors are offered in service class two to three or no usage class. If no usage class is specified, as is more often the case with cork flooring available at the hardware store, this indicates Chinese imported goods.

The seals "Blue Angel", "TÜV-Toxproof" and the "Eco" -certificate can serve as further references to cork floors which are qualitatively and ecologically tested. The majority of favorable offers of cork floor ranges in the price range of 15 to thirty euros per square meter.

Tips & Tricks

On the website of the German Korkverband you will find more detailed information on the material cork including a downloadable data sheet for technical data and standards for cork floors.

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