Corner guards for drywall

Especially wall corners are - not only in drywall - often particularly susceptible to damage areas. If individual parts of the wall edge are knocked off by mechanical action, this usually results in very ugly optical defects. To avoid this, you can attach corner protection rails. But they must be correctly installed and properly plastered - this applies to solid masonry as well as of course for freestanding walls with outside corners in drywall.

Use the correct corner protection rail

The choice of the correct corner protection rail depends above all on the intended subsequent plaster thickness. Most solid masonry rails are designed for a plaster thickness of 10 millimeters, which is the standard size indoors - however, drywall often has different finishes, depending on the type of plaster you intend to use. If only a thin roll plaster is applied, it is better to use the standard corner protection profiles, which are also narrower and thinner, especially for drywall walls. In any case, they must be completely plastered. In this way, the outer corner is then completely protected against damage from impact.

Edge protection or corner protection rail?

In the hardware store, you are often faced with the nagging question of whether corner protection profiles or edge protection profiles should be used. The decision is relatively difficult - because both can be used. The standard corner guards are usually only 30 millimeters wide on both sides, while edge guards are often 50 millimeters wide and have a thickness of about 0.4 millimeters. If in doubt, you should contact a specialist consultant in the hardware store, which corner guards for drywall is suitable for online material orders you can order the matching edge protection profiles or corner protection profiles the same. They are usually available in a standard length of 2.50 meters.

Corner guards for drywall: protection

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