Corner windows - curtains and curtains

A corner window can not be decorated like a traditional window with curtains and curtains. This would look strangely incomplete in the corner. Therefore, it is basically important to literally think around the corner. Since conventional curtain shapes are not necessarily possible, creative solutions are required. The fall then also particularly handsome and beautiful.

vertical blinds

If slat curtains are to be used for a corner window, they must be well aligned at the corners, so that the two last slats in the opened state are at right angles. Bright colors and filigree lamellas are favorable for a corner window.

thread curtains

Stringed curtains are better than shirred curtains. These are very light and airy both in terms of weight and appearance. Since cornices in front of the corner window are disturbing, light aluminum rails should be mounted on the ceiling or in the soffit of the window.


The brackets for pleats can be glued either on the frame or on the disc. Since there are pleats in almost infinite colors and fabrics, you should be careful to use very light and delicate curtain fabrics.

Sliding curtains

So-called sliding or panel curtains are ideal for a corner window. The multi-row rails can be easily attached to the ceiling. Depending on the incidence of light and the desired privacy, these straight curtain surfaces can easily be moved back and forth.

Again, you should pay attention to very delicate light fabrics. In addition, you should only use one heavily patterned panel per window page. Other panels, however, should be without pattern but of the same material.

Checklist for the curtains at the corner window

  • light fabric
  • low gatherings
  • delicate tones
  • Fixings optimally on the ceiling

Tips & Tricks

For the darkening of the corner window, there are now coated roller blinds in all sizes. As far as the darkening of a room is concerned, these blinds of a Venetian blind are hardly inferior.

It is ideal if you use side-pull roller blinds whose pull functions are arranged on the outside. If you attach the ribbons in the corner, they get confused on the one hand and on the other they disturb the view with a frameless corner window.

Video Board: How to install curtain rod on corner windows (Lowes)