Decorate corners - great ideas for interior design

When decorating and designing rooms you should not forget the corners. Decorated or specially designed corners bring these visually "in the room" and provide a more coherent overall picture. What is possible and what opportunities are offered, you can read in this article.

Modern Herrgottswinkel

In the "good room" of many farmhouses the so-called Herrgottswinkel was traditional. It was a very small, on half wall mounted corner shelf, on which a crucifix was placed. Often there was also a rosary, the filing could occasionally be decorated with flowers.

Modern forms of this traditional corner decoration can be similar shelves or very small (about 15 x 15 cm large) corner shelves on which one figures or personal jewelry items - perhaps a porcelain heart. The effect is the same as in the traditional Herrgottswinkel: The view falls on it when entering the room, and a single decorated corner always acts as an effective eye-catcher in the entire room.

Corner solutions for a cozy ambience

A small corner desk, a small corner dresser or another type of furniture in the corner can not only help save space. It also makes rooms appear more comfortable. Even a small table or a corner shelf can help to visually "bring the corner" into the room.

Even a traditional, short corner seat can be a decorative way of furnishing, which helps to better integrate corners into the room and make rooms appear more harmonious and uniform.

Trays can be embellished with different decorative items. It is particularly harmonious when the color and structure of the decoration on the shelves harmonize with the textiles used in the room. That can be:

  • curtains
  • Scarves and decorative curtains
  • pillow
  • Covers of seating furniture
  • hangings

Plants in the corner

Another option may be to decorate one of the corners of the room with a fast growing and large hanging plant. Ideally, it is attached - as in the classic Herrgottswinkel - approximately in the middle of the wall height.

If a tall floor vase or bowl (for example made of wrought iron) is placed underneath, the corner visually "disappears" and the room becomes more homely and comfortable. Also, a large decorative mirror, which is placed in the corner, is a possibility.

Tips & Tricks

Everything that has to do with water - such as a fountain or a nebuliser - should be placed in the corner of a room as possible because of the visual effect.

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