Fill corners - the professional tips

While the filling of joints in drywall walls is relatively easy, corners are often a problem. How to professionally fill inside and outside corners, you can read in this post in an accurate step by step guide.

Fill with joints beforehand

Corners and edges are the fine work on drywall walls. They only come to the end at the end after the joints on the plasterboard surface are filled.

For filling the joints, the same leveling compound can be used as for the remaining joints.

Only for the gap between drywall and solid masonry you can also use acrylic mass. It is a permanently elastic filler that prevents cracking when the components start to move. Silicone should not be used because silicone can not be overpainted or painted over.

Fill corners - step by step

  • putty
  • Eckschutzleisten
  • Special adhesive strip (Trennfix), alternatively also other adhesive strips
  • spatula
  • cutter
  • spirit level
  • stapler

1. Prepare corners

Check the inner and outer corners and the wall connection corners thoroughly. Clean joints. For the inside corners, which form a wall connection, stick the full height separating fixer to the fixed wall. This prevents the grout from getting in contact with the plaster.

2. Prepare outside corners

Align the corner protection strips exactly vertically and fasten with the tacker. The brackets should each sit alternately on a wall side. At the top and bottom of the edge protection strip should be about 2 - 3 mm apart.

3. Fill up

Fill the joints of the inner corners first with the first coat, then remove the corner protection strip to zero. Then finish with a spatula. At the end of the second putty, the protruding part of the tape can be cut clean with a cutter.

Tips & Tricks

What you should never fill or close on drywall walls is the gap between the plasterboard and the screed at the bottom of the boards. It is covered by flooring and skirting later. Closing it gives you problems with sound transmission.

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