The correct procedure for the defective instantaneous water heater

For the daily supply of hot water, the water heater is a reliable device. Only when the device is broken and you just can not easily see the well-tempered water at the tap, you will realize how comfortable a properly functioning instantaneous water heater is.

Luxury or normal living standard

What counts the average Central European daily life, namely the supply of hot water, in many countries of the world an unimaginable luxury. We are used to it as a matter of course, that warm water is constantly available, with modern and comfortable instantaneous water heaters even tempered to the degree.

That this luxury is not taken for granted, is impressively demonstrated to us when the water heater is defective and no hot water is available. Good advice is valuable now. Fortunately, there are specialist companies that can help in such a case.

Prevention is better than cure

This folk wisdom can also be applied to the water heater. These devices are usually not susceptible to interference or tend to suddenly fail the service. However, you can do a lot to help prevent disruption, through regular maintenance.

A water heater should always be installed by a specialist, it is not advisable to lay a device that works with electricity and water to connect yourself. The consequences could be catastrophic, because most water heaters are powered by power.

The specialist will be happy to perform the maintenance of the device, which is limited at least in the current-driven water heaters usually on the professional removal of scale, so the descaling. Gas-operated instantaneous water heaters must be checked regularly by the chimney sweep - at least once a year.

Possible causes of the defect

Just as varied as the versions and variants are the sources of error, it can be a burned heating coil, just as well could a thermostat be defective or the pressure is too high or too low.

Tips & Tricks

Never try to repair a defective instantaneous water heater yourself. The combination of water and electricity can be a deadly danger to the layman. Do not save at the wrong end, but hire a qualified specialist with the repair.

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