The right seal for stone slabs

A seal for flagstones ensures a longer life. If natural or artificial stones are getting old and are soiled or damaged by everyday use, they should be prepared and then sealed.

Even flagstones need regular care

Stone slabs are subject to various environmental influences and signs of wear over the years, for example due to today's passing or driving on. These things can tamper your stone slabs over the years. Green coverings such as lichen or mosses also increase the flooring over time. Once the floor has become unsightly, a thorough cleaning should be carried out. Subsequent sealing will provide much easier care in the future. Of course, this also applies to new floor coverings that are sealed from the start. Such a seal has the following advantages:

  • Dirt does not penetrate the flagstones any more.
  • Superficial dirt can be removed much easier, which makes the maintenance of stone slabs noticeably easier.
  • Due to the protection and the regular care, the plates stay nice longer and in good condition.

Properties of a seal

In contrast to an impregnation, the seal only works on the surface of the stone slabs. It forms a protective layer, which prevents the ingress of dirt. It may happen that the appearance of the stone slabs is slightly changed. Often the plates get a new shine. However, it may be that there is a (temporary) risk of slipping, depending on the material of the patio slabs or the seal.

This is how the seal is done

Before sealing, of course, there is a thorough cleaning of the stone slabs, if it is not new. First, remove coarse dirt, then clean the plates with a detergent suitable for stone slabs. The cleaning can be done for example with a high-pressure cleaner. However, check that the plates and the joints are cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner. If not, clean the plates with a brush or a scrubber. Subsequently (and after drying the plates), the seal is applied. This can be done, for example, with a pressure sprayer. Alternatively, you can use a plastic paint roller to apply the sealant. Follow the instructions here as well.

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