Working properly with the crimping tool: a guide

Crimping is a very universally applicable method especially for electrical connections. But crimping wants to be learned. A brief guide to the most important pliers and the right application can be found in this article.


Especially with cable connections, crimping can be a good alternative to soldering in many cases. Patch cords or telephone cables can be crimped without any problem.

Crimping is mainly used for cables

  • in the field of high frequency technology
  • in the data transmission
  • in the field of telephony

For this you can simply crimp a plug with cables. This is always used where cables with connectors are not available in sufficient length. You simply lead a cable to the required connection point and simply crimp a plug-in connection there.


Crimping tools are used to connect the wires of a cable and the plug-in devices firmly and permanently.

Crimping pliers often have a toggle to strengthen the power of the human hand. Unreinforced, it would not be sufficient to deform the components so far that a permanently unsolvable connection would be created.

Crimping pliers and crimping tools are available from around 25 - 30 EUR, but the designs are different. Many crimping pliers are intended only for certain applications (such as wire end ferrules), others are professional models with multiple applications. There are also crimping tools with ratchet function.

It is always important to use the appropriate crimping tool for the respective application. Typical crimp sizes are 0.5 - 6 mm² and 0.25 - 10 mm².

Example: crimping of Western plugs

  • electric wire
  • Western plug
  • suitable crimping pliers (RJ10)
  • cutter
  • Abisolierzange

1. Cut the cable

The cable must be cut off absolutely right-angled. It is best to use a sharp cutter.

2. Strip the cable

For attaching Western plugs, a cable must be stripped to a distance of around 5 mm.

3. Attach the plug

The Western plug just Slide onto the cable and crimp firmly with the pliers.

RJ45 connector

When mounting, make sure that it is actually a patch cord. In such cables, the individual wires consist of 7 copper conductors and can be crimped by it. This can also be recognized by the designation 24/7 of the cable.

In contrast, installation cables have only one copper conductor per core. They can not be crimped on RJ45 plugs. Such cables must be patched with insulation displacement technology.

Tips & Tricks

What a crimping tool should be used for, the operating instructions tell you. There is also always what you can use the crimping tool for.

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