Corrosion protection in the primer

When building a paint protection several layers are necessary. Many primers, especially in the field of car painting, already have built-in corrosion protection. How this works, which substances are used for this, and whether this is always recommendable, you can read here.

Need for rust conversion

If individual parts of the car are repaired, on which rust has already set, the use of a rust converter is urgently recommended. Only in this way can small, invisible rust nests and material changes on the surface be inactivated.

In all other cases, a rust protection primer is certainly sufficient and useful. For example:

  • Repainting sandblasted parts
  • Painting a bicycle frame
  • Painting of brand-new railings that were not yet affected by rust or rust

Wherever there was rust, however, should be possible to work with separate products as possible.

Tips & Tricks

After desiccation with hydrochloric acid, many metals become highly sensitive because they store the released hydrogen. Here, a separate corrosion protection is certainly recommended.

Video Board: Copper Coat Weld thru Primer, Do NOT see Rust Protection