Cost-effective beautiful walls? Here lies the price for dispersion paint

Emulsion paints enjoy great popularity in the field of interior paints, they hold on a variety of substrates, bring no solvent stress and dry abrasion resistant. In addition, you can easily color them with tinting colors in the matching tone, for colorful walls, subtle deductions and artistic decorations. Which prices can be expected?

The cost factors for emulsion paint at a glance

Some emulsion paints are really cheap to buy, other containers cost in turn many times. What seems strange at first glance is quite easy to explain: Many high-quality ingredients simply cost more money than cheap fillers, which only provide "more mass".

Make sure that your purchase is as good as possible in order to be really satisfied after your work is done. You can recognize emulsion paints with a justifiably higher price by these quality criteria:

quality criterionidentificationYour advantage
high opacityOpacity classes 1 or 2 from 1-4often covers the first coat of paint
abrasion resistanceWet abrasion classes 1 or 2 from 1-5Emulsion paint is resistant to abrasion and easy to paint over
whitenesshigh pigment content, high quality dyessnow-white walls without gray tint
good processabilityAsk your dealer!easier to paint without drops and streaks
fertilityl / sqmhigh yield: little color for a lot of surface

These are the prices for your emulsion paint

Some 10-liter bucket emulsion paint costs only about 10 euros, which is equivalent to 1 euro per liter: a really cheap price, which often has to do with the fact that was saved on pigments and binders

High-quality colors start at about 30 euros per 10-liter container, but can also cost 80 euros. The really expensive colors often consist of biological ingredients, such as vegetable oils. They contain less chemicals and are better for the environment and health.

The tinting color for emulsion paint: Which prices are normal?

For the disperse paint buy most home improvement tinting colors, so as to mix the right color nuance. These handy tubes are available in every hardware store, the costs are in the following range:

Cost overviewprice
1. bucket of white emulsion paint (10 l)29,99 EUR
2. 3 tubes of tinting paint à 250 ml7,50 EUR

Save costs when buying colors

Often the purchase of larger containers meant a saving per liter, compare the prices exactly. Also pay attention to the yield of the emulsion paint to calculate how much material you need in total.

Tips & Tricks

Paint remnants can be stored well sealed in a cool room for repair work.

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