The cost of constructing a shell

When the shell is finally finished, the topping-out ceremony is celebrated: this is actually a reason to celebrate! Until then, the client has already done a lot of work and shouldered a large part of the total costs for his new house. What is the average shell cost? And how is the price composed?

What is one of the shell costs?

In addition to the costs for the shell, the house construction also raises expansion costs and costs for the technical equipment to be installed. From these individual factors, the price for the bodyshell is concretely put together:

  • The first thing is to set up and secure the construction site. For this, you calculate about 2% of the total costs, that is an average of 20 to 30 EUR per sqm gross floor area.
  • Secondly, the earthworks are carried out, which account for another 3% of the cost of the shell, ie just over EUR 30 per square meter of gross floor area.
  • Drainage and civil engineering once again together account for approximately 1 to 1.5% of the total costs. These are in the range of 10 to 15 EUR per square meter gross floor area.
  • Now come the bricklayer: These claim a share of about 15% for themselves claim, so quite 100 to 150 EUR per square meter gross floor area. In addition, there are probably massive concrete floors, which account for a further 15% of the shell costs.
  • The work of the carpenter - plus material - costs the building owners an average of approx. EUR 60 to 80 per sqm gross floor area. That accounts for 7 - 10% of the total costs.
  • The staircase inside a single-family dwelling once again beats at around 400 to 800 euros per square meter of staircase, depending on the version.
  • The battens for the roof take about 20% of the total costs for themselves.
  • Now the shell has to be sealed. On average, this work takes about 1 to 3% of the total cost, including roofing. Covering the roof is more expensive: Depending on the material, it is around 4 to 8% of the construction costs.

Which costs per square meter are incurred for the shell construction?

The German average price for the shell is about 650 EUR per square meter floor space with normal equipment. If you want a high standard, you pay about 100 EUR per square meter more, the luxury version costs more than 800 EUR per square meter of floor space.

The cost of constructing a shell: shell

Cost example for a shell construction in solid construction

A single-family dwelling arises: The building possesses 150 square meters NutzflДche and corresponds to the elevated standard in massive construction method. It has a cellar, a large bay window and a striking entrance portal.

Cost overviewprice
1. Construction of the shell115,000 EUR
2nd bay35,000 euros
3rd entrance portal25,000 euros
total175,000 euros

Does building without a cellar cost less?

The cost of a body shell per square meter of usable space are only slightly higher if a cellar is added. Of course, the same house with cellar costs a lot more than without. But the gained usable area pays off!

Tips & Tricks

Do not forget to include a possible cellar in your bill when you calculate the cost per square meter of usable space of your new house!

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