Cost of the electricity meter

Electricity is getting more and more expensive, so it has to be measured accurately and accurately, so that the bill will not be too high later. The devices are calibrated. The biggest point on the bill, however, is the installation.

Count kilowatt hours

No matter where electrical power is used, an electricity meter must measure consumption. Even when the electricity is produced, it must be checked and measured how much electricity the plant has actually produced.

In this country, the consumed electricity is counted in kilowatt hours. The measured value is given in kWh and stands under the turntable of the electricity meter. This disc is called Ferarrisscheibe after their inventor Galileo Ferraris.

Pulses of alternating current

Before an electricity meter comes on the market, it is calibrated. It is checked whether the electricity meter actually counts the individual pulses of the alternating current as they occur. As well as water meters and the scales in the supermarket, the electricity meter is subject to the calibration law.

Cost of the electricity meter

Between about 50 and 100 euros you have to estimate for a simple electricity meter. However, the installation may only be carried out by an electrician. Of course you have to pay separately.

Intelligent electricity meter

Today, there are innovative electricity meters that send their data to the electricity supplier all by themselves. Of course, these will result in significantly higher costs. However, because electricity providers are interested in customers using these meters, they are partly sponsoring the new electricity meters.

Short-term use

If you only want to check how much power a particular device consumes, you can get a mobile electricity meter for the power outlet. These devices can do a lot and often reveal the power guzzlers in the household. With mostly less than 20 euros, these small savings helpers pay off quickly.

Tips & Tricks

If only the power for a short-term rented caravan or a garden shed can be measured, a mobile electricity meter that does not necessarily have to be calibrated is enough. Here you can attach a simple mobile intermediate meter for about 20 euros. In case of dispute, this will certainly not be recognized before a court.

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