Cost of underfloor heating per 100 square meters of floor space

Underfloor heating is becoming increasingly popular. Almost half of all new buildings are already equipped with underfloor heating. The costs of installing underfloor heating and the price categories you should calculate in this article are explained in detail.

Types of floor heating

Of course, to determine a price range, you first have to decide which type of underfloor heating you want to install:

  • a so-called wet heating, so a floor heating in the heating screed
  • underfloor heating in the dry screed system
  • a floor heating in matt form for retrofitting

Classic wet heaters in heated screed are especially suitable for installation in new buildings. The installation must be taken into account when planning the floor structure.

In contrast, dry screed systems or matting systems are particularly suitable for retrofitting in old buildings. There are many different systems available, which are usually offered as complete systems.

Prices for underfloor heating

Underfloor heating systems installed in floor screed are in a relatively limited price range.

The actual price may vary according to the parameters but of course. The decisive factors are:

  • Type and thickness of thermal insulation and impact sound insulation
  • Type of installation, system
  • Type of pipe for the heating pipes
  • Number of distributors
  • Number of heating circuits
  • installation distance
  • Individual room control and control mode

target prices

For underfloor heating including installation, you can generally expect prices between 35 and 45 EUR per m², in individual cases up to 60 EUR per m². With an area of ​​100 square meters you can expect from about 3.500 EUR to a maximum of 6.000 EUR including installation and individual room control.

This price does not only affect the underfloor heating alone. Preparatory work, such as setting the edge insulation strip, film and insulation layer installation should be included in the price in virtually all cases.

Price variations

Higher prices arise from different, also performance-related factors:

  • higher number of heating circuits or distributors
  • less laying distance of the pipes
  • higher pipe quality

Cost of retrofit systems

In the systems that are intended for retrofitting in old buildings, and are not covered with screed - about a thin-bed underfloor heating, the prices are also in the above scope.

Individual manufacturers often advertise with "from 25 EUR per m²" - if one calculates all the costs at the end together, however, one is then also usually again in the above-mentioned cost frame of 35 - 45 EUR per m².

Retrofitting or renewal of the existing underfloor heating

When retrofitting an individual room control, the area of ​​100 square meters in most cases has to be around 1,000 - 1,500 EUR. Retrofitting takes only a few hours in most conventional systems.

For a renovation that can be done on the old structure, this only costs for the floor heating and the new floor covering.

Tips & Tricks

Always pay attention to the additional installation height when retrofitting a floor heating system. In the case of screed-covered systems, such large additional construction height often arises that many adjustments are required afterwards. Thin-bed systems are often the better (and easier) choice here.

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