The cost of a gas powered floor heating

A floor heating offers an interesting alternative to central heating, it mainly occurs in multi-family houses. Floor heating systems are usually gas-powered, each apartment has its own, individually adjustable system. The benefits of a floor heating are obvious, but what about the disadvantages? And what costs are to be expected?

Pros and cons: central heating

Like any other type of heating, the floor heating has its own advantages and disadvantages. In order to give you a good decision basis, we first list the advantages:

  • short ways for the heat: energy savings
  • simplified single bill
  • individually adjustable for each apartment
  • good personal overview of energy consumption
  • Savings programs available
  • combinable with other energy sources
  • Condensing boiler usable: effective and environmentally friendly

Of course, there are also disadvantages for this heating system, which must be included in the planning. Here is the corresponding list:

  • Space requirement for a heating system per floor / apartment
  • Heating systems generate noise
  • Single units together more expensive than a central heating

You have to expect these costs

The cost of a gas floor heating vary depending on the device. Systems with modern condensing technology cost more money, but work very energy efficient. Expect alone for the boiler with a price between 800 and 3.500 EUR, plus the installation costs.

Since each apartment owner can adjust his heating individually and observe the energy consumption, a saving in the running costs can be expected. The actual running costs depend on the personal heating behavior, the square footage and the gas price.

Cost example for a floor heating with condensing technology

A new multi-family house is created, each apartment has its own floor heating with condensing technology. What is the initial cost per apartment?

Cost overviewprice
1. boiler with hot water boiler2,700 EUR
2. Assembly850 EUR
3. Material costs350 EUR
total3,900 euros

How does condensing technology work?

A central or shared heating with modern condensing technology also uses the energy from the resulting water vapor, which easily evaporates in other devices.

Tips & Tricks

A maintenance contract with a heating company of your choice usually allows you to use the emergency service free of charge on Sundays and public holidays.

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