Cost of facade insulation

In times of constantly increasing heating costs, the external insulation of a house is certainly a sensible measure. The investment in a reasonable insulation pays for itself within a few years due to the drastic reduction of the energy costs.

An important cost factor in the insulation are the prices for the insulating materials, regardless of whether it is a new or old building. Very important for the determination of the prices for the thermal insulation is the individual construction situation. This determines which insulation is used, whether one can count on state funding and whether it makes sense to invest in new windows.

Facade insulation with polystyrene, trade name also polystyrene

There are a wide range of products based on polystyrene in the specialist trade, among the most well-known are the EPS insulation boards, which are available in different thicknesses and extremely versatile. Due to continuous development, a continuous improvement of the insulation properties is achieved. For example, EPS insulation boards contain special graphite particles that reduce heat loss. They therefore have a lower insulating material to a higher insulation capacity. The exceptionally low price of just € 1.39 per m² is convincing. There is a wealth of different polystyrene products that serve to save energy. Comprehensive information through a specialist consultant is therefore more than recommended.

Thermal insulation of the facade with mineral wool insulation boards

Another tried-and-tested material for the effective insulation of facades is mineral wool insulation boards. Due to their special properties, these panels are also very well suited for facade insulation of old buildings, as they can be easily applied to many substrates, such as plaster or clinker. They adapt to the ground and compensate for unevenness, so that you can use the insulation boards except for excellent thermal insulation even to straighten the facade. Then you can plaster the house with commercially available materials. The price per square meter is 7.96 euros, but there are different designs and strengths, so prices can vary.

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