Estimate the cost of a tin roof

Tin roofs are available in many different versions on the market. First of all, they differ in the type of metal, also some roofs are single-shell, others mehrschalig. Which sheet metal roof costs do you have to expect?

How are the sheet metal roofing costs oriented?

Metals have a variable market value, which is one reason why all prices are indicative only. We would like to recommend that you buy a tin roof that has a high quality coating to withstand the weather for as long as possible.

Not only the material quality, which is closely related to the lifetime of a tin roof, influences the costs, the aesthetic design of the product also plays a role in the price: Unusual structures and colors increase the sheet metal roof costs.

Estimate the cost of a tin roof: estimate

Specific price information for better orientation

  • If you want a very cheap tin roof, then buy galvanized steel sheet pans for a price from about 20 EUR per square meter.
  • Due to its long life span and relatively low price compared to copper, titanium zinc sheet is gladly taken: The cost is around 40 EURo per sqm.
  • Anodized aluminum is available in many colors. The sheet metal roof costs for this material are usually between 25 and 30 EURo per sqm.
  • From a price of about 35 euros per square meter, you can buy galvanized sheet metal with a width of 67 cm.
  • Particularly expensive, but of high quality, are tin roofs made of copper. Expect about 100 EUR per square meter - and with a nice patina in a few years.

The above sheet metal roof costs include both the material and the price for the assembly of the sheet - including VAT.

These additional works belong to the sheet metal roof costs

The above prices do not include various additional works and materials. These include the battens or formwork of the roof, the verges, the drainage system and any skylights.

Example project: costs for a 60 sqm sheet metal roof

A larger garden house should receive a high quality tin roof from copper. The sheet metal roof costs add up from the battens, the copper roof and the drainage system.

Cost overviewprice
battens1,500 EUR
copper roof6,000 EUR
verges200 EUR
drainage system370 EUR
total8,070 EUR

Pay attention to quality!

Bought cheap, can be called the tin roof: quickly rusted and on the trash! Make sure that you receive a corrosion-resistant product and have it professionally installed so that no structural damage occurs!

Tips & Tricks

You would rather have roof tiles, but the roof pitch is too low? Tin roofs in roof tiles imitate tile roofs and thus offer a nice alternative!

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