Calculate the cost of the parquet floor

A high-quality parquet floor increases the quality of living and lasts many decades, with appropriate care even centuries. What do you have to invest to benefit from a fine parquet floor in your own home?

Worth knowing about the price calculation

The cost of the parquet floor depends mainly on the square footage of your floor. But the material prices for parquet vary greatly: you get a cheap ship's floor for the offer price for about 15 to 25 euros per square meter.

For a parquet floor made of genuine holm oak, on the other hand, you will have to expect a cost of around 80 euros. The pure material price can even rise up to about 200 euros per square meter, if you have a very special taste.

If you do not want to lay your parquet floor yourself, of course, the costs for the craftsman are added: Expect a simple click parquet with about 15 euros per square meter, for a parquet with tongue and groove a little more.

Parquet floor: costs for a sample project

An average parquet floor costs about 40 euros per square meter, plus a PE film as a moisture barrier and a footfall sound insulation. The moisture barrier is especially recommended in the case of cold soils - roller-cork, for example, is an environmentally friendly footfall sound insulation.

In order to reduce the costs for the craftsman, it is advisable to buy a click parquet that is particularly quick and easy to lay.

Cost overviewprice
1.Parkettboden40 EUR per sqm
2.Rollenkork3 EUR per sqm
3.Feuchtigkeitssperre1 EUR per sqm
4.Handwerker15 euros per square meter
5.Kleinmaterial50 EUR
Total at 30sqm

1820 EUR

Lower the cost of the parquet floor

Do as much work as possible yourself to reduce the total price. If you order a craftsman to lay the parquet, for example, prepare the floor so that there are no leftovers left over from old flooring.

Tips & Tricks

Remember that the costs for the parquet floor include the baseboards and their installation as well as the floor transfer rails!

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