Costs for paving work in the overview

The costs for paving work are calculated very differently in offers and cost estimates. Often different work steps and material costs are combined. The laying of the gravel or chippings bed on the substructure filling is often calculated together with the plaster laying itself.

Typically, the application of joint filling material such as sand, sweeping and sweeping and the attachment of the patch by shaking is summarized as a cost factor. Edge borders are usually shown in running meters, the setting of steps or planters in flat rates specified.

The biggest cost variable is paving itself

Preparatory paving work such as digging the soil, filling mostly with recycled material and compacting, for example with a pneumatic pestle, are similar in almost all paving types. For this work you have to calculate with square meter costs between 15 and 40 euros, depending on the soil conditions, accessibility, excavation amount and total area. The cost of laying the plaster depends heavily on the type of plaster used. Concrete paving stones and here especially the composite stones such as bone stones can be laid without great effort. In some cases, moulders can do most of the paving work, which further reduces the time and expense of doing so. As a guideline you can count on twelve to twenty euros for paving with concrete. More effort must be made with natural stone and clinker stone, which can be set exclusively by hand. The unevenness of the individual paving stones made of natural stone also requires a careful selection and assignment, which leads to a longer working time. For paving of this kind you can expect the price range of thirty to sixty euros per square meter.

Grouting, jogging and bordering edges

The application of joint filling material such as sand, gravel or grit is calculated at three to five euros per square meter, regardless of the type of plaster. The cost of edging is calculated in running meters. With curbs set, labor costs start at around ten euros per meter. Corners, ledges, drainage installations and curves are usually charged extra and increase the cost of the current meter to up to 25 euros.

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