Cost of a saltwater aquarium

A marine aquarium should always be much larger than a conventional freshwater aquarium. Due to the additional filters and pumps, the saltwater pool will always be much more expensive to buy. The maintenance, which costs the seawater aquarium monthly, is considerably higher.

Complete systems or own compilation?

Also in the marine aquariums there are now complete sets that contain all the necessary parts. However, there are still missing the living stones, which do a part of the water purification. These are quite expensive and about 10 to 15 percent of the water needed.

Based on our example below, it is also easy to see what you have to think about when putting together the individual components for a marine aquarium. A beginner should not do this and prefer to collect the important experiences first with a set. He finally invests a lot of money and time. In addition, suffer in a poorly assembled pool in any case, the animals, which can be easily avoided by a complete set.

complete system

Here is an example of a complete saltwater aquarium, where already a convincing compilation has succeeded, especially for a beginner. After a long break-in period and with the appropriate amount of living reef rock, this aquarium will certainly give you a lot of pleasure.

Marine aquarium 320 liters white

Basin 10 mm float glass 100 x 65 x 60 cm
Windscreen Optiwhite 12 mm
Height water level about 50 centimeters
Base cabinet knows 100 x 65 x 85 centimeters
built-in internal filter with clear water chamber - 10 watts
Delivery pump plus 2 x internal basket for filter media
Flow chamber right and left with adjustable flow pump 3-7 watts
Protein skimmer smooth running 18 watts
Lighting 2 x LED 54 watts
Fan water jet protected 2-7 watts adjustable
2,000 EUR

Important accessories in the marine aquarium

In a marine aquarium, other things have to move in than in a conventional aquarium. So an additional flow pump to the water filter pump should be purchased. The costs are not very high. Of course, each of these pumps requires electricity every day. The real high costs are then caused by the living stones, which are actually a bacteria-infested reef rock that is also responsible for the quality of the water.

Living stones

They are needed both in the complete aquarium and in a self-assembled pelvic system. With about ten to twelve euros per kilo you should count on the living stones. Even for a smaller pool of 300 liters, 300 to 500 euros can be easily combined.


A skimmer should be adapted to the amount of water and the type of livestock. Depending on the size and manufacturer, these devices start at about 150 euros and can easily reach 1,000 euros for larger pools.

Tips & Tricks

Pay attention to the depth of the water, because the sea water distorts the impression a bit. You should still be able to work well in the pool from above, but the pool should always be a little lower than a freshwater aquarium. Be sure to take a look at pre-drilled seawater tanks before purchasing them and check their size.

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