Cost of shotcrete

Depending on the required quality, shotcrete can also be obtained as ready-mixed concrete from various sources. Where are the costs for shotcrete, and what you have to take into account, read here.

Costs for different shotcrete

Theoretically you can buy shotcrete as ready-mixed concrete. In general, however, you will either be bound to the concrete manufacturer or to the installation company and its prices, because in most cases shotcrete can not be processed by itself.

Consumption must always take into account the so-called "rebound" and the compression. The consumption can increase by the rebound by 25% depending on the method used. In the case of large areas, this is also clearly relevant in terms of price. Consumption results from:

  • applied method (dry, wet, other)
  • the resulting compression in each process
  • and, of course, the particular area which is to be provided with shotcrete.

Tips & Tricks

Always compare offers carefully and pay attention to the offered concrete quality and the additives in the concrete. Some of the properties can be changed very effectively, in many cases this is desirable.

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