Calculate the cost of a staircase covering

Dressing up an old staircase can be cheaper than having a new one installed. Especially if the construction of the construction element is still absolutely intact, it is worthwhile to use a staircase covering that can be made in many different materials: from real wood to tiles to laminate, everything is there. What are the costs for this beautification measure?

What costs can be expected for the staircase cladding?

The prices for a professional staircase cover are of course variable, because each of these works is carried out individually. In addition to the usual regional fluctuations of craftsmen's wages, the difficulty of the stairs and the desired cladding material also determine the price.

The size of the measure also determines the costs incurred: how many steps does the staircase have? Does the staircase over several floors? Are there podiums that also need to be disguised?

If there is still a stair string to be covered and the stairwell comes, of course, increase the cost. We got to know, where are the average prices.

Costs specifically: You pay for a staircase covering

  • Average price for the cladding from 13 to 15 steps: 2,500 EUR
  • Cladding the stair string at 13 to 15 steps: an average of 1,000 EUR
  • Pedestal covering including substructure: about 90 EUR per sqm
  • new stair railing: about 300 EUR per meter for simple stairs
  • new wall handrail: on average 90 EUR per meter

This approximate pricing refers to stairs that are clad with laminate. If you opt for more expensive material such as real wood or natural stone, you have to expect much higher costs.

Staircase cladding: Prices based on practical examples

A homeowner wants to have her stairs to the first floor covered in laminate. The staircase consists of 15 steps with cheek but no pedestal.

Cost overviewprice
1. Dress up 15 steps2,700 EUR
2. Dress up the cheek850 EUR
3. Embellish the stairwell250 EUR
total3,800 euros

Save costs by own work

A staircase is not a magic tricks: A trained handyman can take this action itself and save a lot of money. Get a guide and get ready for true customization!

Tips & Tricks

Use a staircase gauge to decorate your own stairs: This practical and not very expensive measuring instrument facilitates the measurement of odd steps.

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