The cost of a stair railing

Banisters are needed on stairs as fall protection. So they are more to be understood as a feature of a staircase. Consequently, they do not necessarily belong to the scope of a built-in staircase. Rather, you must choose a stair railing separately from the stairs. Of course this immediately raises the question about the costs of the stair railing. You can find out all about the prices for banisters here.

Look at the staircase and stair railings differently

Whether stair renovation or new construction project. The actual staircase (staircase or staircase) has nothing to do with other parts of the stairs. This includes the banister. So if you choose a staircase for your new construction project, you will not have to choose the railing for a long time. In any case, then first of all the question arises, what is mandatory at the banister.

Possible construction of stair railings

Then there is the scope of a banister. The stair rail can therefore consist of the following components:

  • Handrail (not mandatory)
  • Filling (bars, grids)
  • post

In any case, safety and standards must be taken into account when selecting the banister. This includes, for example, the distance of the filling (filling grid, filler rods). In the regulations here the distance of the filler rods is called. This may not exceed 18 cm. If children are at risk, the distance must not exceed 12 cm. But a shortened distance also means a higher cost of materials.

Cost of the banister after material costs

So, such details affect the prices. Another important cost factor is the stair railing height. Depending on the specifications, this must be between at least 90 cm or 110 cm. This also results in an increased demand for material. In addition, it must be taken into account that the outer handrail is not compulsory, which means that the costs can be additionally changed as a result.

Cost of the stair railing according to the type of material

The really crucial cost factor, however, are the materials used. This is how you can make your stair railing from different materials:

  • Wood and wood composites
  • Metals (light metals, ferrous metals, steel, etc.)
  • Plastics (eg PMMO or acrylic glass)
  • Glass (laminated safety glass VSG)
  • Combination of these materials
  • Reinforcements made of stone

Light metal and wooden railing cheapest

The cost-effective solutions for stair railings include structures made of light metals. The prices start here at around 80 euros per running meter. Then follow banisters made of wood and stainless steel. Here are the costs for the current meter starting at 150 to 200 euros. Above all, wrought-iron railings are to be judged a bit higher according to the production costs.

Glass and plastic constructions

The most expensive stair railings include glass structures. Here, most deals start at prices around 400-700 euros. Stair rails with a lot of acrylic glass or other plastics can be much lower, but also higher. It also depends on the scope, effort and the plastic itself.

Masonry stair railings or parapets

Were there still masonry banisters to mention. In these years they are not among the popular trends, although they also have their charm. The cost of such a stair railing (or, better, a reinforcement or type of parapet) depends on the stones used. There are hard and resistant stones such as brick or concrete blocks, but not soft stones such as limestone in question. The masonry stair railing is preferably bricked next to the stairs.

Tips & Tricks

Many readers have noticed the high cost of banisters made of glass. Follow the link, you can read why such railings are well above the prices of other railing materials.

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