Cost of a banister made of glass

Glass is a popular and also quite exclusive product that can be used for stair railings. At the same time a distinction must be made between different glasses. But since glass is so popular for the banister, more and more people are interested in their costs. Even if we give you information below - there are not really flat-rate answers to the cost of a banister made of glass.

Designs for a banister with or made of glass

Before you can even talk about the costs, the construction of the banister is crucial. Because glass can be used as a freestanding railing or as a railing filling. This results in completely different cost situations:

  • circumferential glass railing (without stand and frame made of other material)
  • Railing made of aluminum or another light metal with glass filling
  • Railing made of stainless steel with glass filling
  • Wooden railing with glass filling
  • clamped, glued or screwed glass filling

Glass with railing frame - it depends on the material

If one takes only once the prices for an internal stair railing, it can be quickly determined that there are massive price differences between different woods and wood materials, but also between light metal, stainless steel or wrought iron. Of course, these price differences also have an effect on the running meters of banisters with glass.

The requirements for the glass

Then there are the requirements for the glass itself. That would be the glass thickness first. This must be at least 10 cm in Germany, also mandatory laminated safety glass (VSG) is mandatory. In the overhead area, it may even be that even stronger glasses should be used.

Individual ideas of the glass for the railing

In addition, there are also special wishes and requirements for the glass in terms of its properties:

  • clear
  • tinted
  • satin
Toned or satined or only foiled

Different prices result, for example, between really tinted and only provided with tinting glass. Likewise, a satin finish may be incorporated in the glass or consist of cheaper film.

Fixing techniques also affect the cost

If you now consider the different attachment methods, differences in price have to be taken into account. Classic glass attachments are made through holes that are bolted to holders. But pure glass surfaces without frame made of another material are becoming increasingly popular. The glass joints are glued here with glass adhesive, at the top is often a handrail made of other material attached to better stabilize the glass body.

Rough costs for banisters made of or with glass

Basically, it can be stated that the costs for a stair railing should be set at least 300 euros per running meter, but more realistic prices are between 400 and 700 euros. In addition, it also depends on other optional equipment such as integrated LED lighting.

Tips & Tricks

The cost of glass in stair railings are quite high. Maybe you should just compare indoors with the prices of high-quality acrylic glass. Although this has its costs, but is quite cheaper. In addition, there is a much lower risk of breakage. Inside, the weather conditions (temperature fluctuations, UV radiation) also play a rather subordinate role.

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