The cost of a subsequent balcony extension

Not every house has a balcony from the beginning, but in most cases it is possible to grow it. The costs for this are set in different heights, depending on how the balcony should be designed: From the simple Vorstell balcony to the anchored on the facade cantilever balcony is in our listing everything there.

Planning for the balcony cultivation

Since you definitely have to invest a few thousand euros in balcony cultivation, you should first plan everything exactly. Keep in mind that the orientation of the new balcony is crucial to its ease of use.

On the south side you will have a very sunny balcony, on which it can sometimes be too hot. Is an east or west balcony perhaps better suited for your purposes to enjoy either the sunrise or sunset?

The cost of a subsequent balcony extension: subsequent

Do you like it quiet - or rather alive? There is a lot to see on the street side, but the noise level is usually higher. The back of the house is ideal for a balcony extension, if you prefer to relax.

Balcony annex: the different models

  • The self-supporting Vorstellbalkon rests on four supports, it does not burden the outer wall of the house with its weight and can be as big as you wish.
  • An extension balcony has only two supports in the front area, the connection to the facade is done by wall anchors. This balcony loads the house wall with a partial weight.
  • A self-supporting cantilevered balcony hangs entirely on the façade, tie-rods and brackets hold it to the corresponding floor slab. There is a construction-related area and weight limit.

Subsequent balcony extension: indicative cost

The cost of balcony construction without a railing starts at about 3,000 EUR for a self-supporting Vorstellbalkon made of simple wood, the assembly is added. For a corresponding extension balcony, you should expect at least 500 EUR extra.

The costs for the cantilever balcony are based on the condition of the building fabric and the individually required measures. Expect for a small balcony with costs of not less than 5,000 EUR.

In addition, there are the costs for the railing, which is available in the simplest plastic version from 20 EUR per running meter. For a stainless steel railing you pay quite 300 EUR per meter and more.

Cost example for a small balcony annex

A homeowner wants a timber annex on the west side. He chooses a simply designed wooden railing to match the substructure.

Cost overviewprice
1. Attached balcony 2 x 2 m3,600 EUR
2. Wooden railing600 EUR
3. Installation costs3,000 EUR
total7,200 euros

If you plan to build a balcony, calculate the wall opening for the door

If there is no floor-length window in the planned balcony area, you should still plan the costs for a wall breakthrough. Also a new balcony door has its price!

Tips & Tricks

In addition to the costs, when planning your balcony construction, keep in mind that the construction will cast shadows on the lower floors.

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