Cost of a turnkey wooden house

A Norwegian log house or a Mediterranean wooden house, but also a Bavarian-inspired home made of wood enjoys ever-growing enthusiasm. But not only the warm and harmonious look, but also the desire for environmentally friendly living and a low energy house let the wooden house more and more in the focus of Häuslebauern back. Since it is not worthwhile to build a wooden house in-house, preferred turnkey offers in enormous variety, different sizes and designs are used here.

Is a wooden house more expensive than a traditional prefabricated house?

The price depends entirely on the provider. Often you have to expect the wooden house with higher costs than other prefabricated houses types, but still saves high costs in the long run and can set up an energy-efficient home, in which well-being and relaxation will not be difficult. On average, in a turnkey wooden house, one can assume that 100 square meters of living space will be charged at 100,000 euros. Of course, there are also cheaper, but also higher priced offers. Above all, a very luxurious wooden house with many extras will be higher in price. However, the stated costs are to be regarded as average value and can simplify the search for a wooden house. The prices also include the treatment for weather resistance, as well as the interior fittings.

Advantages of the wooden house with turnkey handover

The builder saves a lot of time at the wooden house, he decides for a prefabricated building and the turnkey handover. The provider takes care of the professional structure, so that the homeowner only has to move. Thanks to their high thermal insulation and energy-efficient features, 15% of all home builders have decided to turn over a wooden house on a turnkey basis, thus saving on operating costs and valuing well-being for the whole family.

Cost of a turnkey wooden house: cost

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