Cost of an outside staircase - it is expected

The price of an outside staircase depends primarily on its dimensions and the selected material that is installed. If an unusual shape or possibly a self-supporting staircase is selected, then the price for the outside staircase will be shifted significantly upwards. What you have to expect in about the various materials, we show here.

Estimate costs

If you want to keep an eye on costs, beware of special requests. A straight staircase costs an average of 70 percent less than a similar spiral staircase or a self-supporting staircase construction. If it is going to be a stone staircase, ask yourself if it has to be marble or if granite does not serve the same purpose.

Factors for the price of the outside staircase

  • Measuring and planning
  • Number of steps / stair length
  • Standard form or special model?
  • Concrete substructure required?
  • foundation
  • material selection
  • stages covering
  • Construction and delivery
  • wages
  • Railing and handrail

Costs and prices for different materials

The costs listed here are each given for an external staircase which bridges at least one complete floor. In addition, these prices include the construction and installation of the stairs.

  • Wood from 2,000 EUR - type, wood and paint affect the price upwards
  • Steel from 2.500 EUR - step covering determines the price here
  • Concrete from 2.500 EUR - price depends on the place of installation and can increase significantly
  • Natural stone from 3.000 EUR - Steinart determines the price
  • Glass staircase from 6,000 EUR - in the outdoor area only partially suitable

Representative stairs

Although it is tempting, a glass staircase is very nice in the outdoor area, but not really safe. Similarly representative may be a staircase made of a dark natural stone, which may have inclusions of glitter. But despite all the beauty you should make sure that even with such a stone, the risk of slipping is reduced.

Tips & Tricks

If you are not currently buying a very simple kit for your outdoor staircase, then you should have several cost estimates made, in which all the costs are completely put together. It should also include the cost of delivery and set-up. When comparing prices, you should check that they all offer the same material quality.

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