Costs for formwork blocks at a glance

The cost of formwork bricks does not only depend on the material used. Additionally required materials such as foundation concrete, reinforcing bars and the flow concrete for the filling must be considered in the cost calculation in advance. The pure purchase price of shuttering bricks makes up about 30% of the total price.

First, the amount of required additional material must be determined. Tools such as trowel for applying the foundation mortar, a masonry hammer and the mason's cord for the correct drawing of the escape leave only small additional costs. When laying a foundation and building a retaining wall, a special vibrator is often necessary. However, this can be rented in most hardware stores and local equipment rental for the duration of the construction project, a purchase is not necessary. For these same walls reinforcing bars are used to achieve more stability. Metallhandel Küste UG, for example, offers rebars in thicknesses of 6 to 12 mm at a price of € 0.60 to € 1.50 per meter. Depending on the construction project, one to four reinforcing bars are used per half meter. Here, the price range per m² is therefore between 1.20 euros with low stocking with thin rods and 12.00 euros with heavy stocking with the thickest reinforcing rods of o. G. Provider.

In addition to the costs due to the reinforcing bars, the required concrete must be taken into account. For a retaining wall 10 meters long, a foundation 80 cm deep, 10 meters long and 30 cm wide is excavated. This is completely filled with concrete. It requires 2.4 m³ of concrete. The manufacturers offer different prices here. A price range of 100 to 250 euros per m³ of foundation concrete is common, however, the individually required quantity must be obtained from the supplier on site. If no foundation is created, the flowable concrete for filling the formwork blocks is an important cost factor. Depending on the size of the formwork blocks, volumes between 60 and 280 liters of concrete per m² are required here. The costs for this amount to similar sums as the foundation concrete, but in addition to the transport there are still costs for filling the concrete added. However, the concrete work can also be done in-house, which is time-consuming, but also much cheaper.

Costs for formwork blocks at a glance: glance

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