Cost of a geothermal heat pump

The development of energy costs has certainly made you sweat beads on the forehead. Especially after a long and cold winter, the bills for oil or gas break big holes in your budget. With a geothermal heat pump, you can cut costs significantly without having to freeze. In addition, you are less dependent on the market prices of fossil fuels and feel little of any price increases. A dedicated geothermal heat pump with the required installations and equipment costs little more than a conventional heating system. The investment starts repaying from the first day of operation, as free geothermal energy halves your ongoing heating costs.

Economic and ecological benefits

The heart of the geothermal heat pump are the pump, hot water tank and control unit, which are similar in size and function to a refrigerator. Instead of extracting heat from stored food and releasing it into the environment via the heating fins, heat is extracted from the ground or groundwater and fed into your heating system. The central pump unit, comparable to the burner unit of a conventional heater, costs about ten thousand euros, depending on the required heating capacity. There are also components that transport geothermal heat from soil or groundwater into the pump. For a fountain system for the groundwater variant, you have to expect around five thousand euros. In order to extract the heat from the soil, you can choose collectors, who purchase about two thousand euros for a house of 150 square meters. Space-saving geothermal probes are embedded much deeper into the ground and cost around three times the size of the collectors, but are more consistent in performance in long winters.

Investment pays off every business day

To maintain your geothermal heat pump, you must purchase power from an energy supplier that drives the pump. This electricity is offered at cheaper rates than the usual household electricity, if you use the so-called low load times of the supply networks, which hardly affects the heat output of your geothermal heat pump. Based on the total energy consumption is consumed about a quarter for the drive and about three quarters come from the soil or the groundwater. Annual operating costs of less than five hundred euros are easily possible for a 150 square meter house. With some retrofits in the insulation technology in your home as on windows, doors and pipe system, the efficiency can be increased even more. This means that the difference between the purchase and installation costs of your geothermal heat pump compared to a conventional heating system can be amortized after just three years.

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