The cost of a house appraisal

The purchase of an older home is associated with a high financial investment: Here, it is important to do everything right from the beginning. So you do not buy the much-cited "cat in a poke", a house survey in advance of the purchase can be very useful. What costs are incurred by the expert?

What does the house appraisal cost by a construction expert?

For the home buying advice many experts take a flat rate, which is in an average-sized detached house around 400 EUR. Arrivals and departures are often already included if the appraiser lives nearby.

For a two- or multi-family house, the effort is greater, so you have to reckon with correspondingly higher costs. Start with a two-family house from an approximate price of 500 to 700 EUR.

The cost of a house appraisal: cost

The cost details refer to local dates with verbal advice. If the potential home buyer wishes written documentation, he pays extra in many cases. The documentation costs including purchase price recommendation are around 200 to 300 EUR.

The energetic house appraisal

A construction expert can "scrutinize" the house to be purchased also from an energetic point of view. He determines thermal bridges on the local date and possibly simulates the energy loss on the PC.

An appointment for energy consultation by the house appraiser is connected with a single-family house with costs of approximately 700 to 900 EUR. An expert declaration for KfW to apply for a discounted loan costs you about 150 EUR.

The energy certificate for a detached house is priced at about 300 EUR. However, the costs for the Ortstermin added, which are at about 400 EUR.

Cost example for a house appraisal: detached single-family house

A married couple is planning a home purchase. The two are interested in a one-family house from the 60s with 150 square meters of living space and apply for a house survey.

Cost overviewprice
1. Location for home buying advice420 EUR
2. written documentation250 EUR
total670 EUR

Save on private house purchase writing fee

When buying a home, a written opinion is rarely necessary. You can nevertheless use the purchase price recommendation verbally stated by the expert in the price negotiation.

Tips & Tricks

Clarify all costs incurred in advance with your authorized expert in advance, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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