The costs of a mold remediation

Mold in the apartment is hazardous to health, it should be removed as soon as possible. The complicated thing about mold remediation, however, is that most of the fungal growth is in most cases not immediately visible because it is located deep in the building structure. That's why the costs are usually higher than expected. An expert will help!

Before the mold remediation: ask the building inspector

If an apartment or a cellar is affected by mold on a large scale, it is usually worth consulting an expert who assesses the extent of the infestation and the costs. Ask the local Chamber of Crafts or IHK for an independent reviewer.

The mold expert will probably cost you some 100 EUR. But in any case, you know what measures must be taken to remove the fungus completely.

If one cleans the moldy areas only superficially and does not eliminate the cause, the mold will return again and again! Sometimes deep interventions in the structure are necessary to actually get rid of the fungus.

Mold Remediation: What is included?

The costs of a mold remediation are based on the extent of the measures and thus also on the intensity of the infestation. The following possibilities for mold control exist:

  • mechanical mold removal
  • chemical mold control
  • Removal and renovation of the building fabric
  • Eliminate cold spots
  • Seal leaks
  • Renew water pipes
  • Change ventilation behavior
  • Improve air circulation (for example through ventilation systems)

Extensive mold control often takes place over weeks and months. Often, the expert works in several stages to curb the infestation. For this time, a flat may not be habitable: Then come the cost of a replacement accommodation.

Price example for a mold remediation

A couple discovers a bigger mold attack behind the wardrobe in the bedroom. A specialist company for mold control and the plumber work together to remedy. Then the painter comes wallpapering.

Cost overviewprice
1. mold control650 EUR
2. Replace leaking pipe250 EUR
3. new wallpaper in the bedroom800 EUR
total1,700 EUR

Home insurance pays destroyed by mold furniture

Furniture destroyed by mold usually pays for house contents insurance. In the case mentioned, the couple got the wardrobe replaced. Explore yourself!

Tips & Tricks

Tenants do not have to pay for the costs of mold remediation if they did not cause the damage themselves.

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