Calculate the costs for the loft conversion

Of course, the cost of a loft extension depends on the condition of the roof area, the exact design of the conversion work, the intended use and the number of square meters. We give you an overview of the most important criteria for cost calculation and provide some approximate prices.

Loft conversion: keep an eye on costs

If a review of the roof structure reveals that refurbishment is due in the near future anyway, it's best to merge expansion and refurbishment: this will save you a lot of money overall. Keep in mind that installing a bathroom or kitchen is more expensive than setting up simple living rooms and bedrooms. The laying of water pipes and cables as well as the possible installation of a ventilation system contribute to the higher costs of a loft conversion.

Costs for the loft conversion

The pure material costs for efficient thermal insulation are approximately 100 to 150 euros per square meter of roof area - any craftsmanship costs are added. A dormer can cost quite a few thousand euros, a small roof window, there are already for a few hundred euros. Particularly favorable is the dormer and roof window installation, if you use the space between two rafters as accurately as possible and not go beyond, then the craftsman has no extra work to fill empty spaces or sawing rafters and then stabilize the roof.

The price for a normal radiator is depending on the size of about 30 to 150 euros, added to the cost of installation and installation of the connecting pipes, which depending on the amount of work with an additional 200 to 500 euros to book. The installation of power cables and the connection of sockets and light switches costs about 150 to 250 euros for an average size roof space. The total cost data are approximate guidelines, you can ask for accurate cost estimate always a cost estimate from the specialist company.

What else belongs in the cost statement?

When calculating the costs for loft conversions, keep in mind the price for any plaster walls, wallpaper and wall paint. Also the floor coverings and room doors must be included in the price calculation. In addition, there are the costs for other materials such as putty, screws and wooden slats.

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