Estimate the cost of the pitched roof in advance

Most home builders choose a gable roof in their home: this roof shape is easy to drain and relatively inexpensive. What are the current costs for a pitched roof?

That's the cost

  • The costs for the pitched roof are mainly based on the roof size, ie the square footage of the roof area. The approximate average for the shell is 60 EUR per square meter.
  • Special constructions on the roof - such as a small roof terrace or a bay window - increase the costs for the pitched roof not insignificant. The necessary construction measures are relatively complex.
  • Also keep in mind that prices vary by region. In certain regions, the craftsmen's wages are well above the average, which also increases the costs for the pitched roof. A particularly storm-proof roof in the thunderstorm is also more expensive.
  • With the attic it is not enough: A legally prescribed insulation will cost you another 60 EUR per square meter of roof area. Depending on the material and requirements, the roofing is between 20 and 100 EUR per square meter.

Concrete costs: pitched roof with 180 square meters

For a new building, a 180 square meter pitched roof is planned. The client wishes a cost-effective covering with simple, red clay tiles. Three skylights are added.

Cost overviewprice
Gabled roof, material and wages11,700 euros
Covering with clay tiles5,400 EUR
thermal insulation10,000 euros
3 skylights2,700 EUR
total29,800 EUR

Less costs: Build saddle roof yourself?

Anyone who takes the entire construction project into their own hands with family and friends can save up to 40% of the costs. However, very few builders will themselves be competent professionals who know all the static features and legal requirements!

Estimate the cost of the pitched roof in advance: estimate

Tips & Tricks

Inquire about state funding before starting the construction project. Especially for thermal insulation, you can expect a low-interest loan from KfW. Submit your application ahead of time, because after the start of the work, it is usually too late!