Costs and prices for conservatories - 3 examples

There are many types of beautiful conservatories, but they cost quite a lot to build. However, some conservatories can also increase the value of the house considerably. Here are three examples of different models.

Costs and examples

All costs mentioned in the examples can be freely negotiated by the client with the supplier. Of course, all the examples can only provide clues and be clearly undercut if the client negotiates well.

Conservatory - style and cost

Depending on the style of the conservatory, there are completely different prices. But the value of the later overall building also increases to varying degrees. Therefore, it may well be that at a later sale of the house, the cost of the conservatory come back completely.

Little living space? Grow conservatory!

Small houses often have a disproportionately low value for resale because of their small living space. This can be changed by a cozy conservatory. A tiny family home of perhaps 80 square meters will ultimately benefit enormously from a new glazed living room of about 25 square meters.

Cost of a heated conservatory

A heated conservatory, like a house per square meter, costs around 1,500 to 2,000 euros. Some costs can be reduced by self-service, others may increase even higher-quality elements.

An example of this are the patio doors, which are usually not very comfortable in the conventional version. If large sliding elements or accordion doors are installed instead, the winter garden gains a lot of comfort. However, these doors make the conservatory much more expensive.

Cold conservatory - the Mediterranean style

Especially Mediterranean plants love the cold winter garden, as some of them need the cold period to develop new leaves. So if you want to settle citrus fruits and olive trees in your conservatory, then you are well advised with an unheated conservatory.

No new living space with an unheated conservatory

However, this brings no profit in living space and is in the cold season actually only on very sunny days available. But the follow-up costs are low and the purchase is also very manageable.

Example of a cold conservatory

In our example, we have used a simple Anlehnwintergarten, which has approximately a floor area of ​​almost 20 square meters. This conservatory may be assembled by the client himself. If a company should do this, about 600 euros have to be added to the price for this conservatory.

This conservatory has only a single glazing and can be laid out with decking or patio slabs. However, this cold conservatory does not have a complete floor slab. However, the builder also needs a building permit or an exemption from the building office for this conservatory.

In this case, the builder himself has to take care of these formalities, since he has no developer with him, who stands by his side with help and advice. But the price is minimal and the benefits to the owner are very high.

Cost overviewprice
1. Foundation for mating200 EUR
2nd conservatory with aluminum profiles1,800 EUR
3rd decking 20 m²300 EUR
4. Delivery240 EUR
5. screws and material250 EUR
total2,790 EUR

Heated conservatory - cozy and cozy

The homely winter garden, without much frills, costs around 1,500 to 2,000 euros per square meter. This is the Ottonormal conservatory, so to speak. This conservatory can be used by the owner throughout the year as living space.

Floor in the residential winter garden

Most of the floor here is designed with tiles, but it is also a sturdy plank floor possible. Not recommended are floors such as laminate or parquet. Likewise, of course, should be dispensed carpet.

Although PVC floors are robust and tolerate moisture, every drop of irrigation water quickly turns PVC into a slide.

Schedule heating

The residential winter garden needs a year round connection to the heater. Since today many houses are equipped with underfloor heating, we have also planned in the matching conservatory underfloor heating with a connection to the existing heating system.

Insulate windows and doors

In order to comply with the Energy Saving Ordinance, insulating glass and a cover made of Isosteg panels were chosen for the actual offer of the manufacturer. A small feature is the lift-and-slide door, which opens wide. This garden and glasshouse are beautiful and practical at the same time connected.

Cost overviewprice
1st foundation 22 m²1,200 EUR
2. Conservatory wooden structure pent roof12,000 EUR
3. Multiwall panels Iso 6-fold3,600 EUR
4. Lift-and-slide door3,800 euros
5. Iso-glazing windows and doors3,600 EUR
6. Plastic cladding of the construction outside700 EUR
7. Underfloor heating980 EUR
8. Connection to existing heating system800 EUR
9. Tiled floor with installation2,200 EUR
10. Assembly and planning4,900 euros
total33,780 euros

The finest - the noble conservatory

After the simple conservatory, which is heated, comes the luxurious conservatory. This has no visible heating elements, but warms its tropical glass space with heating glass, which is also an insulating glazing.

In addition, a sophisticated conservatory has, of course, an automatic control, which is regulated on the one hand via stored programs, on the other hand, however, also remotely via the smartphone or a tablet.

At around 2,400 euros / m², even this conservatory is still in the frame. However, neither shading nor control has been included in these costs so far.

Cost overviewprice
1st foundation 22 m²1,400 EUR
2nd conservatory with pitched roof18,600 EUR
3. Covering partly with heating glass10,600 EUR
4. Electric heating glass Surcharge window7,600 EUR
5. Folding doors 4.5 meters5,600 EUR
6. Stone floor with installation3,600 EUR
7. Installation costs5,600 EUR
total53,000 euros

Conclusion and comparison

The three types are not only extremely different in terms of their features. The high-quality conservatory costs about 20 times as much as the light Anlehnwintergarten, which must build the host himself.

Do not forget follow-up costs

However, the follow-up costs are also similar, because heating glass and underfloor heating cause a few extra costs over the years in a glass house. In all winter gardens may be due to additional costs for an electric ventilation, which can also be clearly noticeable.

Profit and benefits

Between the normal heated conservatory and the higher quality version are about 20,000 euros. As for the increase in living space, but they are the same. What is worth, the host must make the overall style of his house.

The two parts of the building should fit together harmoniously and appear to be of one piece. The architect, who plans the new conservatory, must also take this into account. Then the winter garden achieves the greatest possible profit for the house.

If you are interested in an unheated winter garden made of wood, it is worth taking a look at the neighboring country. Conservatories from Poland are also offered on the German market at reasonable prices, these are often not inferior in quality. A comparison is worthwhile anyway.

Tips & Tricks

Do not take over the construction of a conservatory. If your budget is not a luxury version, you should not build any. After all, the room should serve relaxation and recreation and not cause new stress.

Even a really unheated winter garden can be retrofitted with a stove later. A stainless steel chimney does not cost the world and the heating costs are also within the framework of a cheap stove.

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