The costs for cleaning are as variable as the oriental rug itself

As a general name for its origin, an oriental rug can come from very different regions and knotting traditions. There is also a very wide range of different wool and silk types. The cost of cleaning an Oriental rug varies and skepticism is appropriate for packages for all rug types.

The Orient is as big as a continent

The term Oriental carpet includes a variety of different types of carpet and regions of origin. The Orient begins on the western side in Morocco, extends across the Mediterranean riparian countries of Africa in the so-called Middle East and extends to the Himalayas and India. Cleaning a Berber carpet from Morocco has nothing to do with cleaning a Nepali carpet or Persian carpet. The sprawling area is also referred to as a carpet belt due to its elongated west-to-east geographic spread.

"The" oriental rug does not exist

The size and size of the carpet belt lead to a variety of different types of carpet wool, silk and cotton. While Berber carpets are mostly made in Morocco, and the popular Persian and Nepali rugs come from the countries and adjoining lands of their names, weaving works such as Gabbeh from India and Turkish carpet are also common. The cost of cleaning with such large differences as a general flat rate for oriental rugs, bordering on lovelessness. For offers, it must be checked whether the cleaning is adapted to the respective Oriental carpet.

Hand-knotted oriental rugs of all kinds have the common feature that they have their own protective mechanism through their natural structure and through wool fats or lanolin. For special cleaning best handwashed, which receive this property, between 25 and fifty euros per square meter are required. A detailed explanation of how to do the cleaning and drying is of course included.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to find out if cleaning your Oriental rug is in good hands, ask in the cleaning department whether the type and origin of the rug is known. You can simplify the request by photos of your carpet. This expertise is a good indicator to expect a quality and gentle cleaning.

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