Cost of installing dry screed

Dry screed offers several important advantages over liquid screeds: For example, the drying times are completely eliminated, and the screed is usually ready to go the next day after the adhesive has set. Also, no additional moisture is brought into the building during installation, which can be a significant advantage especially in already dampened old buildings anyway. With the leveling pad, even larger bumps can be easily leveled. In terms of costs, one has to take several factors into account when comparing dry screeds to liquid screeds.

Dry screeds are not necessarily more expensive

Although the material costs for dry screeds are higher than for liquid screeds - this can be put into perspective, depending on the conditions on site. This eliminates a leveling of the floor and an additional thermal insulation through the use of a corresponding leveling floor - priced here dry floor and floor screed with built-in thermal insulation almost equal. In addition, dry screed can always be installed by a fairly skillful craftsman - no helpers or machines are required. This can mean a significant cost advantage, which often has an even greater impact on the size of the area. Due to the fact that dry screed can be processed without any time limit, it is suitable for in-house installation in any case, whereas liquid screeds require the respective machines and a sufficient number of helpers, in the case of flow screeds additionally a machine with conveyor system. Generally speaking, dry screed would be more expensive, so it's not always right.

Price differences between the individual screed elements

Dry screed elements are available in different designs and also made of different materials - this can range from plasterboard to cement-bonded wood fiber boards, which can also be provided with different laminations. A price comparison must also take into account the type of material used, here are the prices depending on the manufacturer in a very wide range. Digestion offers here only an exact comparison based on the actual conditions. For underfloor heating, it must first be clarified which dry screed construction is actually feasible.

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