Costs for the interior plaster in the overview

With the costs for the interior plaster one must differentiate whether it concerns a new building, with which also the Unterputz must first be applied, or whether - as with renovations - the flushing already exists, and how strongly it is damaged.

Cost calculation for the new building

Of course, where the wall surfaces have to be covered with a layer of plaster, the cost calculations are, of course, in a completely different area than in renovations. As a rule, depending on the area, between 16 and 20 euros per square meter will be due for applying the flush if it is a classic lime plaster or plaster of Paris plaster, and the contractor is working here with machine plaster. Then there is a corresponding finishing coat, which beats in the simple versions with around 8 to 12 euros to book. Special services and additional work are usually additionally calculated according to hourly costs or lump sums, such as setting up the silo. Finishing for certain quality levels from Q1 to Q4 will often incur additional costs, but this depends on the particular company. Often, complete offers per square meter are also made, especially by smaller companies.

Calculation for the renovation

After being able to lend a hand here with roll or brushing, a careful cost calculation is necessary. Craft businesses charge usually 6 - 12 Euro per square meter for simple standard plasters without structure plaster - but who wants to have special loam plaster, structural plasters with high design effort or Tadelakt, is often equal to twice this cost or even more. In addition, there are additional services such as masking, putty work and the like, which are usually charged according to effort. There is room for maneuver in the area calculation and in the assumption of additional services. In comparison, self-plastering is of course much cheaper - with traditional plaster with even touched plaster is the cost of materials at around 1 - € 1.50 per square meter, including all additional materials, with plaster from the hardware store - own brands - synthetic resin based you ever come after used Tiefengrund to around 2-3 euros per square meter. Calcification plasters, which are also very easy to process by themselves, usually cost around the same price because the depth is eliminated.

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