Cost of the new pavement

The question usually arises of a stable and passable floor covering in the area of ​​an entrance or entrance, as a parking area or for the attachment of a yard or sidewalk. As a possible alternative you have the choice between asphalting, pouring a concrete slab or paving. All three soil sealers have advantages and disadvantages. A key argument that applies only to paving is cost-effectiveness, since you can influence several variables yourself.

Easy-to-use surface without seepage

A crucial difference between paving versus paving or concreting is the surface finish. The laying of paving stones creates joints that do not exist on poured surfaces. This can make shoveling snow easier in winter. However, paved or concrete surfaces are completely impermeable, so that inadequate drainage can cause water damage from stagnant puddle water. Unlike the plaster, the fully sealed surfaces are less flexible in responding to temperature differences and can develop cracks, creases or throws. Paved floors have expansibility and tolerances, so that the individual paving stones are break-proof and risk-free.

Paving with simple concrete blocks the cheapest

The material costs of paving are very favorable when using concrete paving stones. From 8 euros per square meter, no other surface is available. If the substructure is largely prepared in-house - excavation, dumping, backfilling - and the paving itself is made, there is no cheaper durable outdoor flooring, including all ancillary costs. Asphalting and concreting can usually only be done by a specialized company, as private individuals do not have the necessary machinery. The paving is made by hand, which can also be performed by experienced amateurs. Depending on your personal taste and requirements, you can install infiltratable lawn pavers, use eco-concrete products or choose natural stone paving. The total cost of each square meter paving including material are usually between 10 and 100 euros. For concreting a square meter you have to expect around 250 euros, asphalting starts at around 15 euros per square meter.

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