The cost of a pellet heating in a family house

The installation of a pellet heater is not very cheap, often the total price is higher than with a gas or oil heater. Since this type of heating uses renewable energy, it is considered to be particularly environmentally friendly. Which running costs are incurred for a single-family home? Does heating with pellets pay off financially?

Pellet heating: You must expect this cost

Who wants to equip his house with a pellet heating, on the come some costs. Here is an overview of the individual items:

  • Acquisition costs for the boiler
  • Purchase of the cache
  • Chimney conversion / removal
  • Installation of the heating system
  • Expansion of a storage room for the pellets
  • Conveyor system for the pellets

In total, the cost of such a heating system amounts to between about 10,000 and 18,000 EUR. Thus, the pellet heating is much more expensive to purchase than a gas condensing boiler or an oil low-temperature heating. Does it make up for this shortcoming in consumption?

Ongoing costs of pellet heating in a family house

Pellet prices have stabilized at between 4.5 and 5.0 cents per kWh in recent years, while gas and oil prices are steadily rising.

On average, heating a single-family home with pellets costs between about 500 and 1,000 euros per year, so the homeowner saves about 500 to 1,000 euros per year compared to oil and gas.

These figures are purely statistical values ​​that may vary in individual cases up or down. It is worth buying pellets in the summer for storage in the winter, because then the prices are usually very low.

Additional costs of pellet heating

Also, the maintenance of the pellet heating regularly raises expenses. About 100 EUR maintenance costs are incurred by the specialist company per year, spare parts are charged extra. For the chimney sweep you pay about 150 EUR per year.

The pellet heater also needs some power for the ignition and some other features. Expect about 100 to 200 EUR electricity costs per year.

Annual costs for pellet heating on the example

In a detached house, a new pellet heater was installed. In the first year, the chimney sweep comes twice and the heating contractor carries out a maintenance including cleaning.

Cost overviewprice
1. pellets800 EUR
2. Maintenance100 EUR
3. Chimney sweep160 EUR
4. Electricity120 EUR
total1,180 EUR

Beware of cheap pellets!

Pay attention to quality when buying pellets: Cheap fuel with a poor calorific value often costs more than high quality pellets with good energy yield.

Tips & Tricks

The purchase of a pellet stove for individual room lighting is about 3,000 EUR much cheaper than a pellet central heating. Such a system might be a worthwhile addition to the central gas or oil heating system.

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